Excel at Export Selling Workshop Series

Enterprise Ireland has developed a series of workshops aimed at rapidly embedding the proven tools of best international selling practice into Irish companies across all industry sectors who are looking to upskill for export growth and who want access to selling skills development in a readily accessible and user-friendly format.

Drawing on the collective experience of our team of international market advisers, past and present, and responding to consistent feedback from the customers and target customers of Irish companies, the Excel at Export Selling Workshop Series maintains a deliberate focus on the four fundamental building blocks of successful international selling:

Series of Workshops
1. Developing a Compelling Value PropositionCustomer Value Proposition
2. Following a systematic repeatable Sales ProcessSales Pipeline Management

These workshops are designed to equip Irish companies with the skills to truly make an impact on international markets and master the fundamentals of export selling.

Each workshop is one day in duration and offers an individual company follow-up session with the expert facilitators to maximise impact. Participation in both elements of the programme – the workshop and follow-up session (usually 2-4 weeks after the workshop) -  is essential to successful implementation. 

DateExcel at Export Selling Workshops 2019
14th February, 2019Customer Value Proposition Workshop
28th February, 2019Sales Pipeline Management Workshop
4th April, 2019Customer Value Proposition Workshop
16th April, 2019Sales Pipeline Management Workshop
6th June, 2019Sales Pipeline Management Workshop
13th June, 2019Customer Value Proposition Workshop

All workshops are held in Dublin unless otherwise stated.



If you are interested in our series of workshops outlined above, please register your interest here.

For further information, please contact:

Monica Kinsella

Programme Co-Ordinator

+353 1 7272897

Monica Kinsella