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Johann Issartel, MoveAhead

Moving Children in the Digital World 

What problem are you solving and what is innovative about your approach?

The majority of children can no longer run, jump, throw, catch or even kick a ball  properly. This is a potential catastrophe for public health as the inability to perform movement skills in childhood causes an aversion to physical activity across the life span. If trends continue, this generation will  die younger. Sedentary screentime and overuse of digital devices present as significant causal factors, with children spending an average of 6 hours a day in front of a screen. 

MoveAhead tackles the ticking inactivity ‘timebomb’ by meeting children where they are (on phones, tablets etc.) and powering third-party digital experiences that ‘move’ children across digital games, play, toys, sport, and entertainment. Our privacy-first solution turns the child’s body into a controller and runs on any device with a camera. Crucially, MoveAhead is the first motion-tracking platform built on children’s movement data with children’s movement science, ensuring a deep understanding of how children move and learn. This means MoveAhead can personalise the child’s movement experience so it’s 'never too hard, never too easy', keeping children engaged, confident in their movement, and developing over time. At the heart of MoveAhead is a privacy by design approach, ensuring our technology is not only healthy, educational, and fun, but entirely safe for children.

How is this idea commercially attractive?

The movement problem has become a business problem, particularly across the ‘Kids App’ space (i.e. digital games, toys, etc.). Companies want to negotiate negative perceptions, alleviate parental guilt, and stand out in the marketplace for doing 'good'. MoveAhead is the emerging leader for bringing children’s movement and physical development to the digital world. Our platform empowers market leading partners to integrate healthy, guilt-free movement ‘ingredients’ into their solutions. From key movement skills in childhood to sport-specific skills in adolescence, MoveAhead acts as a ‘movement-maker’ for the Kids App space but goes much deeper than ‘just’ movement. 

That is, MoveAhead combines deep science, deep data, and machine learning to ensure accuracy and understanding children’s movement, like never before. MoveAhead, empowers partners to identify where a child is on their ‘movement learning pathway’, then personalises the level of challenge and feedback for maximal enjoyment, engagement, development, and growth.  

What do you hope to achieve by participating in Big Ideas?

MoveAhead is currently embedding our technology with market innovators. Our goal is to achieve recognition as 'best in class' engineering and science platform for children’s motion tracking, control, and analysis. Big Ideas is a great opportunity to expand our network and connect with strategic investors as we progress from trial partnerships to spin-out of DCU in 2022.