Sandra Healy, inclusio

Next generation culture platform, powered by technology, psychology and artificial intelligence, transforming company culture from the inside out.

What problem are you solving and what is innovative about your approach?

In a global economy, diversity and inclusion are critical to the success of growing businesses. Over 87% of companies view diversity and inclusion as a key priority, yet struggle to build inclusive cultures and meet increasing demands for mandatory diversity and equality reporting. Culture is easy to sense but difficult to measure and 40% of CEOs say it’s hard to link to business performance.

inclusio combines technology, psychology and artificial intelligence to create workplaces where people want to work.  inclusio harnesses the collective power of employees to shift and transform the culture, from the inside out. inclusio provides organisations with the ability to monitor diversity data, track and report on culture metrics linked to business KPIs and a system designed for risk and accountability management.

How is this idea commercially attractive?

Diversity and Inclusion is now the number two topic on the minds of CEOs and HR leaders. By 2022, the Human Capital Management market is expected to reach $22.5 billion, almost doubled from 2017 representing a CAGR of 20%. A third of executives expected to increase spending in this area. Companies spend a combined $8 billion on diversity and inclusion training annually. The average spend for Fortune 1000 companies is $1.5 million. Organisations are in a race to provide evidence of progress and return on investment to their Boards and stakeholders.

inclusio is ahead of the market in relation to timeliness and market conditions. Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19 causing workforce disruption, #MeToo movement, gender equality reporting and increasing legislation in diversity monitoring are forces outside of the control of global organisations; However, they must seek ways to respond in these unprecedented times. Investment in inclusio will be a strategic driver for business recovery and sustainability as inclusion creates the environment where diversity can thrive.

inclusio has secured eight global organisations for beta trials with revenue potential of €25 million per annum on conversion. The Serviceable Obtainable Market over the next five years is circa €45 million per annum.

What do you hope to achieve by participating in Big Ideas?

inclusio is disruptive, innovative and complex technology. The team is seeking financial investment to scale the organisation and reduce the time to market.