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Morteza Matkan, illuminAi

An AI-powered, biodynamic light-stress therapy technology to promote circadian and mental health.

What problem are you solving and what is innovative about your approach?

Daylight is the most dominant factor regulating our Circadian rhythm, but in today’s society we spend (on average) over 90% of our time indoors. Inadequate access to natural light and an abundance of artificial lighting has wreaked havoc with our internal clock. Disruption to our circadian rhythm can lead to poor sleep, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and many other ailments. 

“Human Centric Lighting” (HCL) is a novel lighting technology where artificial lighting simulates the natural cycle of daylight. However, every individual’s circadian rhythm is different, and current HCL solutions are ‘one-solution-for-all products’  for a problem that is complex and personal and are costly.  Moreover, these solutions lack the data required to provide a lighting programme truly centred around the human. 

illuminAi  can solve this problem. illuminAi is an affordable, biodynamic light-stress therapy technology. With a design inspired by windows and skylights, our smart lamp utilises next-generation biodynamic lighting technology to mimic the natural light-dark cycle, bringing users the right light at the right time, just as nature intended. It can also connect the user  to immersive outdoor scenes and guided meditations, accessed via our app.  

illuminAi’s human-centred design approach enables our AI-powered software to learn from user feedback, and in-time, adjusts to suit individual use, as people’s chronobiology, sleep, and working patterns may vary significantly. Our unique approach not only creates a healthier environment that’s more in sync with the user’s internal clock, but also provides us with feedback-based data. This optimised data will be our "secret sauce" driving our HCL ecosystem, and is what differentiates us from the competition.

How is this idea commercially attractive?

It is estimated that sleep disruption causes billions of dollars of damage to the world economy every year [i.e. the US economy has lost €354 billion (2.3% of its GDP), (Rand Corp, 2019.)]. As the cost of ‘sick’  workers rises, employers are spending more on employee wellness to lower healthcare costs, raise productivity, and stay competitive in the market.  As the scientific evidence grows, Human Centric Lighting is becoming a huge market opportunity.  

"LightingEurope", the leading association representing over 1000 European lighting manufacturers, have predicted that by 2025, HCL will be the leading smart-light technology in European markets. However, higher initial costs involved in the adoption of human centric lighting solutions is challenging the market growth. 

The total addressable market for Human-Centric Lighting globally is € 1.03 billion, with a CAGR of 25% (2018-2025).  illuminAi Tech has established a clear, and highly scalable, route to market, and our hardware-enabled service business model is perfectly positioned to fill the demand in the market for an intelligent, holistic, and yet affordable HCL solution.  

We believe HCL solutions must be based on hard facts and a detailed understanding of the people we are trying to help. This feature is not present in current HCL technologies. 

What do you hope to achieve by participating in Big Ideas?

illuminAi Tech is working to position itself as a global leader in the Human-Centric Lighting solutions for years to come. Big Ideas provide us with an important platform to showcase our technology and enhance our profile. illuminAi Tech is seeking to connect with potential investors as we progress towards product launch in 2022.