Willie Muehlhausen

Willie Muehlhausen, AthenaCX

A rapid, no-code, adaptive, multi-channel Experience Sampling Platform

What problem are you solving and what is innovative about your approach?

Experience sampling is a very established research methodology and is used across many scientific, commercial and marketing research projects. To capture experiences from research subjects in real-time is the most valuable data source in any research project.

Unfortunately COVID-19 has globally put all projects that include face-2-face interaction with research participants to a grinding halt. New research strategies supporting remote experience sampling are desperately needed and need to be tailored around virtual direct to patient principles. AthenaCX allows all researchers to conduct experience sampling with participants´ preferred device. Common devices are smart phones and tablets, and voice assistants are growing steadily. Experience can now be captured in real-time outside the lab, in a real world setting, and therefore provides richer and more realistic data.

The wearable devices market is growing rapidly across all geographies and allows researchers to utilise data from these devices and sensors to put the experience sampling into context of daily living and give researchers deeper insight into the data.

How is this idea commercially attractive?

AthenaCX is a no-code solution that allows any researcher to either use pre-configured, standardised (off the shelf) workflows or to configure customised workflows for their individual project, using standard elements and integrations with 3rd party devices. Research participants choose their own phones, tablets or voice assistants to report their experience. Projects can include consumer research, patient research and clinical research.

Due to COVID-19 the market for consumer research is shifting from focus group and direct interview work to remote experience sampling.

Developing customised apps for research purposes can be very costly and time consuming. AthenaCX provides any researcher access to a platform that supports the most reliable research methodology with no initial development cost.

What do you hope to achieve by participating in Big Ideas?

We want to show the potential of our platform. We will address how easily AthenaCX caters to the different markets for experience sampling. Ultimately we are looking for introductions to potential clients and want to attract investment from the audience.