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Pioneering a New Treatment for Overactive Bladder

What problem are you solving and what is innovative about your approach?

Overactive Bladder, or OAB, is a common pelvic health condition affecting 85 million people between the US and EU. OAB affects both men and women and is caused by a disruption in signalling between the bladder and the brain. This results in frequent and false warnings that the bladder is full, or warnings that come too late for a person to reach the bathroom on time. OAB has a truly debilitating impact on quality of life. Patients experience higher levels of depression and anxiety; feelings of shame and embarrassment and disruption to their sleep, social life and sexual relationships.

To treat OAB, guidelines recommend behavioural therapy which is effective and safe. However, due to a lack of specialists, patients can wait months or in some cases years to access this type of treatment. As a result, many patients are prescribed medications. These medications have a range of serious side effects, from dry mouth and constipation, to dizziness and mental confusion, and some are even associated with an increased risk of dementia.

That’s why we’ve created RiSolve. A comprehensive Digital Therapeutic Solution to treat OAB. RiSolve uses video and audio content to guide patients through an 8-week intervention via their smartphone. Treatment combines behavioural therapy with psychology, physiotherapy and dietetics. For clinicians, RiSolve collects and visualizes key information, empowering them to make data-driven care decisions.

How is this idea commercially attractive?

In the US alone, 42 million patients suffer from OAB and the healthcare spend is over 65 billion annually. Our target customers are health insurance companies who currently bear the cost of OAB care. RiSolve can significantly reduce OAB healthcare spend by reducing drug and procedural therapy spend and providing patients with safe, effective care in the comfort of their own homes. Currently, medications can cost over $5000 per year. RiSolve is priced at $700 dollars per 8-week intervention with opportunity to generate further revenue via maintenance and refresher sessions. By providing care in this way we can reduce overall healthcare costs for the condition and provide patients with affordable, safe and effective treatments.

What do you hope to achieve by participating in Big Ideas?

Amara Therapeutics is working to position itself as a leader in the Digital Therapeutics space with a focus on pelvic health. We are currently fundraising for a seed round of €3 Million euro which will enable us to regulate our initial indication, OAB. We want to use Big Ideas to connect with investors who are aligned with our mission - 

Amara Therapeutics was founded to revolutionise the treatment of pelvic health conditions, providing accessible, effective digital interventions that improve quality of life and help patients live longer, happier lives.

Dr Emma Carr, Chief Scientific Officer at Amara Therapeutics, is a health psychologist who specialises in digital health interventions. Together with CEO Brendan Staunton and CMO Dr Geoff Cundiff they develop, regulate and commercialise behavioural health interventions for a range of pelvic health conditions.