Edward McCloskey


Founder & CEO, Irish Breeze Ltd

Edward McCloskey started Irish Breeze Ltd making skincare products in Drogheda in 1993. He has always had a keen interest in innovations and new product development, as well as brands. Irish Breeze grew into a strong position of brand leadership in cotton products, establishing a significant export base.

A desire to find a better solution to ‘cotton wool & water’, coupled with Edward’s own experience of his daughter’s nappy rash problems from chemicals-based baby wipes, led to the development of WaterWipes, an ultra-pure chemicals-free baby alternative wet wipe. The first packs of WaterWipes were made on a pilot line and sold in local pharmacies in the North-East of Ireland, starting in late 2009.

WaterWipes has grown exponentially over the years. It has established itself as the brand leader in Ireland, in addition to being the number 1 brand in several top UK retailers. WaterWipes are now sold in 35 countries, including the USA where it is stocked in 14,000 stores and has a large online presence.

In light of this success, WaterWipes moved into a new additional manufacturing facility in early 2016, which has the capacity to underpin continued rapid international growth in the years ahead.

In his spare time (a rare commodity these days!) Edward enjoys travelling, spending time with his three teenage daughters, yoga, cycling and hill-walking.