Tara Maguire


US Market Specialist 

Tara has spent ten years living and working in the US for Irish food and beverage companies. After receiving a BSc (Hons) degree in Communication, Advertising and Marketing from the University of Ulster, Tara moved to Washington DC as Sales and Marketing Executive with Ornua Foods, progressing to managing Ornua’s Mid-Atlantic market, and later managing their New England and Canada markets.

After five years with Ornua, Tara moved to ABP Food Group where she worked as Business Development Manager establishing their North American division. In this role, she was the key individual involved in securing a deal between ABP and Sysco Foods – the first deal of its kind between a European beef processor and a US distribution company in almost 20 years. Tara then moved into the alcohol sector, working with the Irish American Trading Company to develop a US launch strategy for their new Irish whiskey range. Tara returned to Ireland in December 2016, where she works as a consultant with particular expertise in the US and Canadian markets.

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