Supports for High Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs) - Stage 3

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 Getting Investor Ready


Stage 3 Starting to Internationalise

Definition of this Stage: You have developed a Business Plan and raised sufficient funding to bring your product/service to international markets.

Planning your route to international markets and finding new business opportunities is now a top priority.  Enterprise Ireland can support your international sales through its many export initiatives and its network of overseas offices.

Issues to be considered at this stage

  • Ongoing development of a value proposition for each targeted customer.
  • Sustained management focus on generating international revenues.
  • Continuous monitoring of competitor activity.
  • Sales pipeline validation to identify best prospect leads.
  • Close monitoring of sales personnel.
  • Monthly cash flow analysis.
  • Constant monitoring of progress against targets with appropriate remedial action when necessary.

Enterprise Ireland support at this stage

Your Development Adviser will:

  • Discuss your company’s current development needs.
  • Offer advice and guidance, where appropriate, based on our experience of supporting similar start-ups.
  • Suggest how Enterprise Ireland might provide assistance.
  • Introduce you to Enterprise Ireland colleagues in our relevant overseas offices to explore possible in-market support.
  • Discuss any Enterprise Ireland programmes and supports which might be of support to your growing business.                                 

If you are not already engaged with Enterprise Ireland, and you are at this internationalisation stage, please contact yourlocal Enterprise Ireland Office to speak with a member of our start-up team.