Why locate in Ireland?

Five great reasons why entrepreneurs choose Ireland as their Start-up Destination

There are a multitude of reasons to locate your new start-up in Ireland, from our favourable low tax regime and supportive environment for start-ups, to the availability of a highly skilled and well-educated workforce, and of course the great quality of life here, to name but a few. 

Continue reading to find out more about why you should consider joining the growing list of entrepreneurs who have chosen to base their businesses in Ireland.

1. Ireland is a start-up friendly environment

Ireland is a low bureaucracy, low tax environment that is very supportive of entrepreneurs. Ireland is traditionally ranked highly in key ‘doing business’ rankings. The World Bank ranks Ireland 8th among OECD countries (and 10th worldwide) for ‘Ease of doing business’; and 4th for ‘Starting a Business’ - the highest of any European country. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2015 ranked Ireland 16th globally in their competitiveness rankings.  In Ireland, people are willing to share their network  of contacts and support others, a further evolution of this sentiment is the growth of available and affordable co-working spaces in nearly every corner of the country.

2. Ireland is a world leader in key innovative sectors

Ireland is home to world-class companies and research centers in sectors such as ICT, life sciences, gaming, financial services and food & beverages. This gives start-ups locating in Ireland easy access to quality staff, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, research institutes and other support services with deep expertise in these sectors. One of the latest government initiatives to stimulate the emergence of further innovation in every field is called ‘Knowledge box’. The Knowledge Box initiative will apply a 6.25% tax rate to profits arising from certain IP assets which are the result of qualifying R&D activity carried out in Ireland.

3. Ireland is a dynamic source of start-up funding and support programmes

Ireland-based start-ups have access to an extensive range of start-up support programmes. From a funding perspective, there is an active network of VCs and Angels that invest in  companies across all stages of their growth. On a per capita basis, the level of funding and grants available is high by international standards. Enterprise Ireland was recently ranked at number 3 in terms of Top VC investors in global seed funding rounds since 2010 by  international investment platform, PitchBook.

4. Ireland is a great place to live and work

Ireland is an ideal location to base your business as well as offering you a wonderful quality of life . Once the 16th most expensive city in the world, Dublin is now ranked by the 2014 Cost of Living Rankings as the 51st most expensive city. Dublin has been ranked 33rd on a list measuring quality of living in 230 cities throughout the world.  The capital placed ahead of London which ranked in 39th; Edinburgh (46); Paris (37); Madrid (52) and Rome (53) among other European cities. With a culturally varied, highly skilled and well educated workforce, it is a prime location in which to recruit and retain local and international talent. Click here to learn more about living in Ireland

5. Ireland, a gateway to global markets

Ireland is one of the most open and globally connected countries in the world. Its geographic position, easy transport links to Europe, the US and the Middle East; and membership of the EU and having the Euro as its currency provides easy access to international markets. Learn more about Ireland and its access to international markets.

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