Ireland is a start up friendly environment

Great tax incentives and a flexible approach to new businesses

If you are seeking a location in which to start a business, look no further. With our low rate corporation tax and low levels of bureaucracy, Ireland is a country that is extremely supportive of entrepreneurs seeking to start up a new business venture.

  • The World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ report rates Ireland as the easiest EU location to start a business.
  • The same report rates Ireland’s tax regime as the most business-friendly in Europe or the Americas.
  • Key factors that make the tax regime so attractive include low rate corporation tax of 12.5%, extensive double taxation agreements and R&D tax credits.  The latter allow R&D intensive start ups to claim back tax, even if they are loss-making and thus not liable to pay corporation profits tax.
  • Forbes magazine’s 2011 “Best countries for business” report rates Ireland as best in Europe and fourth in the world for doing business.
  • The Irish Government pursues a pro-business economic policy
  • Ireland has a consistent, decades-long policy of welcoming foreign-owned business
  • Many costs including salaries, rents and professional fees have become more affordable than other European countries in recent years
  • International reports rate Ireland’s workforce highly for factors such as educational attainment, productivity and flexibility

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