Ireland is a world leader in key innovative sectors

ICT, life sciences, financial services and gaming firms favour Ireland

Experience in key innovative sectors

Ireland has vibrant, export focussed business clusters in several key sectors. These clusters have created a strong pool of management, skilled staff from a multitude of nationalities, serial entrepreneurs, professional advisors, investors and service providers, all of whom have deep domain knowledge of their sector. Locating in Ireland gives you access to these invaluable resources allowing you and your start-up to ‘hit the ground running’.

Did you know:

  • Ireland is the internet and games capital of Europe
  • Most global players in the ICT sector - from Google, Facebook, eBay and PayPal to smaller specialist companies - have chosen Ireland for major operations focussed on international markets
  • The Life Science sector in Ireland (including medical devices and pharma companies) also includes a large majority of the top global players. They have helped make Ireland’s Western corridor the best medical devices ecosystem in the EU regulatory environment
  • More than 50% of the world’s leading Financial Services firms have operations in Ireland
  • View a list of over 750 overseas companies with internationally focussed operations in Ireland (source: IDA Ireland)
  • Ireland has a vibrant Agrifood sector with a production capacity to feed in excess of 30 million people. There is a strong focus on sustainability and all of the players from the growers to the food processors to the state agencies are working from a single blueprint to drive exports and new jobs.

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Home to world class research and development facilities and expertise

The Irish Government has invested heavily in an ambitious programme to attract some of the world’s best research talent to new research centres focussed on topics of particular relevance to our key business sectors. These centres complement a vibrant academic research capability which has increasingly developed a strong focus on collaborating with businesses. They include:

Ireland - Home to High Potential Start-Up Companies

Ireland’s active support for globally focussed start ups has created an expanding group of Irish headquartered companies that have achieved significant success on global markets. An increasing proportion of these were founded, and are now run by entrepreneurs who relocated to Ireland to establish their start-ups. Read about some of these incoming entrepreneurs here.

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