Ireland - a great place to live and work

Many of our cities are among the best places to live in Europe

Ireland is an ideal location both for business and for family, both of which are important considerations when selecting a country in which to locate your new business.  Cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway are often found among the top best cities in the world in which to live and, as a result, are highly sought after as locations both by new businesses and by high quality, experienced and well trained people.


Ireland is great for building teams

The quality of life in Ireland coupled with the quality of potential employers is a huge attraction for people from many other European countries and further afield.  This gives businesses here an expansive pool of young, educated people from which to build competent and experienced teams. And, being multi-cultural also has benefits for those looking to expand their businesses into Europe and beyond.

.........and for raising a family

With an abundance of high quality primary, secondary and pre-schools; and a wealth of opportunities in third level, there are educational opportunities to suit all requirements.  Ireland also has an abundance of natural beauty and scenery with many of the main population centre within easy access of coast and parkland areas (one of the largest walled city parks in Europe is in Dublin). Given recent improvements in roads and public transport infrastructure, seeing the beauty of Ireland has never been easier.

“Talent looks to move here. Some of our team have moved from New York, Canada and London. Dublin has a good quality of life.”
Connor Murphy, CEO, Datahug

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