Financial Services sector profile

There's no better place in the world today for start-ups in Financial Services

Ireland has an exceptionally strong international financial services sector with particular strengths in: administration and management of funds; re-insurance; cross border insurance and specialist finance, such as aviation leasing and asset finance.

As a result, Ireland has built a deep pool of staff, managers, professional advisers, regulators and service providers with sophisticated domain knowledge in the key mobile financial services sectors. There are only a limited number of places in the world with such an ecosystem.

A combination of 12.5% tax and an exceptionally extensive and comprehensive set of double tax agreements with 62 countries, makes Ireland a highly tax efficient location. Such efficiency is particularly beneficial for international financial service operations.

Ireland is a very profitable location for financial services, due to the combination of high productivity and a cost base that is very competitive with other locations which have similarly sophisticated ecosystems.


Some relevant facts about the Financial Services sector

  1. 250 of the world’s leading financial services firms – including half of the world's top 50 banks – have internationally focused operations in Ireland.
  2. Dublin is a major global hub for fund administration, aircraft leasing, insurance and a range of wholesale banking activities.
  3. Over €1.8 trillion of funds are administered from Ireland.
  4. The Irish Stock Exchange is the world-leading listing venue for fund and structured debt products.
  5. The international financial services sector in Ireland directly employs 25,000 people.

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