1.      Do I qualify for Enterprise Ireland support?

You qualify for support if at least one of the company founders are willing to relocate to Ireland and if your venture is:

a)      Introducing a new or innovative product or service to international markets.
b)      Involved in manufacturing or internationally traded services.
c)      Capable of creating 10 jobs in Ireland and realising €1 million in sales within three to four years of starting up.
d)      Led by an experienced management team.
e)      Headquartered and controlled in Ireland.
f)       Less than five years old from the date of your company’s registration.

Please check our "Are you Eligible" page for more information.


2.      What funding support is available

i)       If you are an early stage start up, please click here for details of our Competitive Start Fund.

ii)      If your company has revenue  and you are looking for seed investment, click here for more details on our iHPSU fund.

iii)     Click here for details of further supports available through dedicated programmes

3.      How can I register my company in Ireland? 

i)        The cost of incorporation in Ireland starts from €100. This is done through the  Irish Central Registration Office www.cro.ie.  You can find detailed information here

ii)      There is a number of companies that can help you with incorporating, opening bank account, registering with tax office. Their rates vary but they are still considered affordable.

4.      I am outside the EU, Is visa support available?

i)       Yes, Ireland has a special visa for founders of start-ups. Our entrepreneur visa is considered to be one of the best in the world.  Please click here for details of our start-up Entrepreneur programme.

5.      How expensive is it to run a business in Ireland?

i).     Ireland offers some of the most competitive office space prices in Europe. According to Wakefield and Cushman,  average rental price for Central Business District office space in Dublin in 2014 was €485 per square metre per year, making it significantly cheaper than London (€2,122 per sq.m. per year), Luxembourg (€777) or Munich (€540). Also number of co-working spaces available across Ireland, please check on the Start-Up Ireland website: http://startupireland.ie/map-irelands-startup-sector/

ii).     According to GlassDoor, the average starter salary for a graduate is around €26,000 a year , Sales Rep: €26,000 – €48,000, Marketing: €28,000 – €50,000 and Business Development Manager: €30,000 – €45,000

6.       Where else can I find information about Ireland’s start-up eco system?     

i)       You can check the Enterprise Ireland Information Store for Start-ups https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Start-a-Business-in-Ireland/Information-Store-for-Start-ups/

ii)      http://startupireland.ie/

iii)     http://www.startupdublin.com/

iv)     https://www.startupdigest.com/digests/dublin

v)      https://www.siliconrepublic.com/