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Mobile travel technology provider settles in Dublin

MTT Mobile Travel Technologies was established in 2005 in Dublin by English-born Gerry Samuels, a 20-year veteran of the travel sector who started Gradient Solutions there in 1997, building it up into a successful business that was acquired by US travel giant Sabre.

Gerry Samuels, Mobile Travel Technologies

The pitch

A business-to-business provider, Mobile Travel Technologies develops mobile solutions for airlines, hotel groups and travel companies who want to provide booking and related services to customers on their smartphones. These can be provided via a mobile website or as an app.

Why Ireland

Having previously founded and operated from Ireland, Samuels was familiar with the environment but the country still had to stack up against other places. “We looked at the practical side of setting up in London, the opportunities and support there, and the calibre of software personnel. It quickly became clear that Dublin was the logical and outstanding location to set up the business,” he says.

He brought together some of the previous team for the new venture and “that was part of the logic of setting up again in Ireland,” but he adds that Dublin is an attractive location for enticing talented staff from overseas to relocate.

Moreover, the variety of work on offer in Ireland means software developers are constantly stimulated and their skills are kept up to date. “One of the benefits of Ireland is the whole ecosystem of exciting, mid-sized, interesting software companies. The experience that developers get here means they’re better placed to work in areas such as mobile,” he says.

Enterprise Ireland supported Samuels’ first venture and has also backed MTT. He says the agency’s range of supports is a critical part of Ireland’s attractiveness. “We were bowled over by the speed of the system the flexibility and the ongoing involvement in the business – the whole package. Ireland, I think, is streets ahead of other geographies in that respect. I’m a huge fan of the system here.”

In Samuels’ experience, Irish-based companies tend to be well received internationally. Operating from Ireland has been no barrier to trade; MTT has customers from Spain and Russia to the Middle East, Malaysia and Australia, and recently set up a second office in Manila.

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