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All you need to know about starting a business in Ireland

If you are an international entrepreneur looking for a location to base your next business venture, then you’ve found it.  As a world leader in key innovative sectors (including ICT, Life Sciences, Gaming, Financial Services and food & beverages) and a perfect location from which to serve key world markets like the US, Europe and the Middle East, Ireland is the perfect location for your start-up.

With a broad range of financial and programme supports, Enterprise Ireland can provide you with significant support if you are considering starting a business in Ireland. In 2014 we invested in 183 startups.  

A hotbed of entrepreneurship, Ireland is a great place to live and work and, when combined with low corporation tax of 12.5%, a young, vibrant, well educated workforce; and many sources of start-up funding, including our recently launched €10m fund. You’ll see that there are many benefits to starting in business here in Ireland.

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