Starting a High Potential and Internationally Focused Business

Our High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) team provides hands-on support and advice to entrepreneurs and early stage companies that are considered by Enterprise Ireland to have an innovative product, service or technology, and have the potential to achieve international sales and create employment. If you have a business proposition with international sales potential or are currently raising investment for your start-up venture, then you may qualify for support and investment. This section sets out the criteria for becoming an Enterprise Ireland HPSU client and the supports that are available to you.

Two government-led initiatives designed to assist entrepreneurs are available online: SURE is a tax refund calculator for potential entrepreneurs and the Supporting SMEs Online Guide is an interactive guide that lists cross-government supports for businesses.

Our Information Store for Start-ups provides general information and links for start-ups including business plan templates, registration and employment information, as well as incubation space and sources of private investment. For information about food sector, see Food Investment outside Ireland.

Start in Ireland is a one-stop-shop for all things relating to the Irish start-up landscape. Access the portal to find information on funding, accelerators and other start-up supports relevant to your business.

Food Investment From Outside Ireland

Ireland consistently ranks among the best countries in the world for doing business, and has been attracting mobile investment for more than 50 years. Over 1,000 global companies, including some of the biggest brands in the world have put Ireland at the heart of their European activities. Ireland also offers a world-beating return on investment for global companies in the food and beverage sectors.

Ireland is a welcoming, pro-business environment for high-value manufacturing, global business services and research, development and innovation. Enterprise Ireland works with companies in the food and beverage sectors to find ideal locations, to grow and develop their businesses, and to integrate with the world-class food research and development infrastructure that exists here. Click here to learn how Enterprise Ireland can help and to contact us.  To find out how we can accelerate the development of your food investment in Ireland ensuring you can capitalise  on your position in the global marketplace visit