Enterprise Ireland's Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Funding Supports

Enterprise Ireland’s RDI Funding Supports for Irish businesses help companies grow their sales and employment. These include the Exploring Innovation Grant; The Agile Innovation Fund; The Research and Development (R&D) Fund; The Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy.


Before Applying

For EI Clients, please contact your Development Adviser (DA) or the Client Relationship Team to discuss your project before applying. If you don’t know your company's DA, please use EI’s DA Finder Tool to search for them.

For non-EI Clients, please download and fill in an Outline Proposal. Email the completed Outline Proposal to RandDOutlineProposals@enterprise-ireland.com. The proposal will be reviewed, and a relevant EI person will contact you to discuss the proposed project. EI Clients can also submit an Outline Proposal as above.


Exploring Innovation Grant

  • Used to decide if an idea is possible by ensuring the project is legal, technically achievable and makes financial sense
  • Aims to uncover a project's strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify the resources needed
  • Helps decide if the company can work with other industrial or research organisations on the project


The Agile Innovation Fund

  • Helps companies in sectors with rapid design cycles keep their advantage by offering an online application and Fast-Track-Approval process
  • Companies can access up to 50% funding, where the grant requested is < €150k (total project cost < €300k)
  • The Fund is open to Enterprise Ireland clients and non-Enterprise Ireland clients, and applications may be submitted at anytime 
Digital Process Innovation
  • Digital Process Innovation projects are eligible to apply under Agile Innovation
  • Digital Process Innovation projects aim to put in place a new service-delivery, production-method or a change to the business model of the company


The Research and Development (R&D) Fund

  • Supports the development of new and/ or improved products, processes and/ or services
  • Aimed at bigger RD&I projects, requesting > €150k (total project cost > €300k)
  • If a Digital Process Innovation project forms part of a larger project requesting > €150k (total project cost > €300k), it is eligible under the R&D Fund


The Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy

  • Supports companies to develop a strategy to manage and exploit IP coming from an RD&I project. This could include patents, designs, trade secrets, copyright and brands.


Other Enterprise Ireland RD&I Supports

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