Enterprise Ireland's Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Funding

Enterprise Ireland RD&I supports help companies grow their sales and employment. Enterprise Ireland offers many RD&I funding supports for Irish businesses. These include:


Exploring Innovation Grant

  • Used to decide if an idea is possible by ensuring the project is legal, technically achievable and makes financial sense
  • Aims to uncover a project's strengths and weaknesses, as well as identify the resources needed
  • Helps decide if the company can work with other industrial or research organisations on the project


The Agile Innovation Fund

  • Helps companies in sectors with rapid design cycles keep their advantage by offering an online application and Fast-Track-Approval process
  • Companies can access up to 50% funding, where the grant requested is < €150k (total project cost < €300k)
  • The Fund is open to Enterprise Ireland clients and non-Enterprise Ireland clients, and applications may be submitted at anytime 
Business Innovation
  • Business Innovation projects are eligible to apply under Agile Innovation
  • Business Innovation projects aim to put in place a new service-delivery, production-method or a change to the business model of the company


The Research and Development (R&D) Fund

  • Supports the development of new and/ or improved products, processes and/ or services
  • Aimed at bigger RD&I projects, requesting > €150k (total project cost > €300k)
  • If a Business Innovation project forms part of a larger project requesting > €150k (total project cost > €300k), it is eligible under the R&D Fund


The Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy

  • Supports companies to develop a strategy to manage and exploit IP coming from an RD&I project. This could include patents, designs, trade secrets, copyright and brands.


Other Enterprise Ireland RD&I Supports

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