Agile Innovation Fund - Upcoming Promotional Events

Enterprise Ireland's R&D Core Unit recently hosted a number of information online webinars on our Agile Innovation, Research and Development funding programmes.

Offering fast-track approval and a streamlined online application process, the Agile Innovation Fund allows companies to access up to 50% in support for product, process or service development projects with a total cost of up to €300,000.

To view a recording of our recent webinar register at the link below.

Speakers included: Enterprise Ireland’s In-Company R&D Supports team, detailing the Agile Innovation Fund, what it’s for, eligibility criteria, the application process and how to access our funding supports.

Guest company, John Casey of Galmere Fresh Foods Ltd, speaking of their successful R&D activity.

Online Webinars 

Event: Agile Innovation Supports

Registration: Register Here

 Agile 14 April 2021


For further information, please contact the R&D Unit at: 01 727 2120 or email

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