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The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) is a leading industry informed research centre focused on developing advanced technology solutions for all stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The market-focused research delivers solutions to contemporary issues currently facing the pharmaceutical industry.

The PMTC is hosted at the University of Limerick with core funding from the Irish Government, supplemented with co-funding from industry and leveraging further research funding. The PMTC is coordinated by an industry–academia advisory committee with an industrially driven research programme. Indigenous SMEs along with MNCs access the PMTC to inform the research agenda.

Company engagement allows the PMTC to execute world-leading, industry-relevant research in advanced technology solutions to address contemporary manufacturing issues across the pharmaceutical sector. Members benefit by having access to core capability and skills in continuous processing, mathematical modelling, statistics and process optimisation; and, unrivalled awareness of research programme outputs. 

Other benefits include pre-agreed project agreements; professionally managed, timely access to IP and research outputs; opportunities to identify talent for future recruitment; and, access to members only networking forums with key industry players, academia, regulators and government agencies. The Centre accesses state-of-the-art research facilities capable of delivering molecule to patient solutions through its Irish academic members.


Research areas:

  • Advanced rapid micro-analytical techniques
  • Enabling and control of continuous processing by process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Soft sensor modelling tools
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) real-time release PAT
  • Pharmaceutical packaging technologies
  • Cleaning, validation and verification


Research performed by:

University College Cork, University of Limerick, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Waterford Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology, Tyndall National Institute, NUI Galway, NIBRT, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology.



PTMC Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes, Centre Director - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre

+353 61 202293

Sarah Hayes


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