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Food for Health Ireland (FHI) brings together leaders in industry and research to improve global health through innovation in food. The centre supports its partners to become market leaders in the development of functional food ingredients that offer health benefits to consumers.

Food for Health Ireland is a collaborative model for functional and health food innovation and commercialisation. For more than a decade, it has provided a gateway for its industry partners to access world-class science and academic research in the functional food space.

Food for Health Ireland has spent more than a decade developing bespoke research and technology to uncover ingredients and foods that improve health and wellness. It has the experience, knowledge and facilities to take innovations in food from the lab to the factory, helping industry partners to test the prototype in a commercial environment. And its human-intervention trials have produced results that can tackle the health issues underpinning diabetes, obesity and heart health, as well as supporting healthier ageing.

Food for Health Ireland has developed a unique innovation ecosystem that bridges the gap between high-class research organisations and industry needs. The centre also provides a contract research facility for small and large global food companies utilising our competencies, resources and technologies. This service provides a gateway to academic research in Ireland and supports open innovation.

Food for Health Ireland has completed over 60 projects of this kind since 2008.

Research areas:

  • Healthy Ageing: Muscle & Bone Health, Appetite Modulation, Gut & Immune function
  • Metabolic Health: Glycemic Management, Weight Management
  • Digestive Health: Microbiome, Maternal and infant, IBS/ IBD
  • Sports & Physical Performance: Recovery, Endurance, Immune Function
  • Cardiovascular Health: Vascular flow, Blood Lipids, Lipid metabolism

Research performed by:

University College Dublin, Teagasc Food Research Centre, University College Cork, Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin



FHI Nessa Noronha

Nessa Noronha, Centre Director - FHI Technology Centre

+353 1 716 2831

086 244 7118




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