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CeADAR is the National Centre for Applied Data Analytics & Machine Intelligence. CeADAR is a market-focused technology centre that drives the accelerated development and deployment of data analytics and machine intelligence (DA&MI) technology and innovation. The Centre’s work focuses on developing tools, techniques and technologies that enable more people, organisations and industries to use analytics and machine intelligence for better decision making and competitive advantage. CeADAR is the bridge between the worlds of applied research in data analytics and machine intelligence (DA&MI) and their commercial application.

The primary outputs of the Centre are prototypes, and demonstrators, alongside contract research plus in-depth reviews of state-of-the-art technology. CeADAR is funded by Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and by contract research. The Centre is headquartered in University College Dublin and is a partnership with the Technological University Dublin.

CeADAR has particular strengths in predictive analytics, machine and deep learning, Blockchain, real time analytics, text analytics and visualisation. The Centre has an extensive catalogue of technology demonstrators, know-how and technology reviews which are all available at no-cost to members.

Industry membership of CeADAR has grown significantly in recent years and now totals over 80 industry partners ranging from multi-nationals to indigenous SMEs spanning every industry vertical.

CeADAR’s position is at the intersection of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, The Centre is also the focal point of a thriving national ecosystem delivering frequent seminars, conferences, and members’ networking events throughout the year.

CeADAR was awarded the Dun & Bradstreet prize for Best Analytics Research Group Ireland at the DatSci Awards and has the EU BDVA i-Spaces accreditation which was awarded in 2018.


CeADAR’s 3 core work programmes are in:

  • Visualisation & Intelligent Analytic Interfaces
  • Advanced Analytics and Blockchain/Smart Contracts
  • Machine Intelligence and Deep Learning


Examples of areas where CeADAR has developed demonstrators are:

customer analytics, contact centre analytics, text analytics, analytics in real time, social media analytics, location-based analytics, sentiment analysis, sentiment analytics, image analytics, predictive analytics, machine & deep learning, preventative maintenance, blockchain & smart contracts.



CeADAR Edward McDonnell

Dr. Edward McDonnell, Centre Director

087 333 9777

+353 1 716 5716




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