Collaborate on R&D with other companies and/or research institutes

Working with other like-minded companies or exploring what knowledge exists in Higher Education Institutes could work wonders for your business. Let us help by introducing you to collaborative research partners and industry networks.


Working with other companies

Instead of going it alone, we can help you find other companies with similar research agendas and help you to collaborate to share resources and knowledge. The programmes we offer to support collaborative research with other companies include:

  • Technology Centres: The investment in Technology Centres is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland allowing Irish companies and multinationals to work together on research projects in collaboration with research institutions. Technology Centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry.  They are resourced by highly-qualified researchers associated with research institutions who are empowered to undertake market focussed strategic R&D for the benefit of industry. For more information, go to Technology Centres Initiative.
  • Enterprise Ireland R&D Fund: Under the R&D Fund companies can get a collaboration bonus of up to 15% where there is collaboration between two companies on an R&D project. For more information, go to R&D Funding.
  • Knowledge Transfer Ireland: KTI enables business to leverage the commercial potential of Irish research and innovation. Using the KTI web portal, companies can more easily find technology, expertise, IP and facilities available in Ireland’s higher education institutions and State research organisations. And can find information about how to engage with these institutions including access to resources such as Practical Guides and Model Agreements. For more information, go to Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI).
  • Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund: The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation DTIF facilitates collaboration between Ireland’s research base and industry in support of the development and adoption of new disruptive technologies and applications, which will in turn help build new technologies for world markets and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise sector. DTIF focuses on collaborative research partnerships between enterprises and allows for Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) including universities and other institutes to be involved. For more information, go to Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).
  • Career-FIT and Career-FIT PLUS: These programmes, co-funded by Enterprise Ireland and the European Union under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie scheme, have successfully recruited nearly 100 experienced and talented researchers worldwide to work on industry-focussed collaborative research projects under Ireland’s Technology Centres and Gateways. Each researcher partnered with an Irish-based enterprise on an innovation challenge that they face and spent up to one year out of the three-years contract in a placement there. For more information: and


Working with research teams in Irish Higher Education Institutes

  • Innovation Vouchers:  All small companies, in every sector of the Irish economy, can apply for a €5,000 to pay a registered knowledge provider to solve a technical or business challenge. For more information, go to Innovation Vouchers.
  • Innovation Partnership Programme offers financial support to companies who engage in collaborative research projects with Irish universities and Institutes of Technology. For more information, go to Innovation Partnership Programme.
  • Technology Gateways Programme: Facilitates collaboration between Industry and industry led researchers in the Gateway centres located in the Institutes of Technology around Ireland. For more information, go to Technology Gateways Programme.
  • Technology Centres Programme: Technology Centres are market focussed, industry collaborative research centres serving markets of scale, identified by industry and validated by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.  For more information, go to Technology Centres Initiative.
  • Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund: The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation DTIF facilitates collaboration between Ireland’s research base and industry that demonstrate technology-based disruptive innovation. For more information, go to Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).


Collaborating with companies/researchers in other countries

To learn about the programmes that support international collaborations, go to Access EU and ESA Supports section.