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Zelinda Ireland Ltd.
Daisybank House
Powers Hill


Zelinda develops cutting edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems for satellite communications and ranging. This includes system and feasibility studies, mathematical modeling and simulation, and VHDL and HLS development for both ground and space based equipment typically using state-of-the art FPGAs.

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S-Band Transponder © Honeywell UK.


Zelinda offers a complete service from initial studies through to prototype manufacture and qualification while working closely with customers. This includes DSP designs in both hardware and software for Ground station modems and ranging units, Satellite TTC transponders, and Digital Modulators for Satellite transmitters.

We have developed considerable expertise in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), having developed both space borne and ground based DSSS systems. We offer flexible and autonomous radio expertise having developed a transponder prototype with autonomous detection of modulation scheme, symbol rate and code rate.

Finally our expertise extends to the development of high speed high precision LDPC codecs and frame synchronisers for CCSDS standards.

Service Domains

  • Ground Segment Systems
  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • Ground Station Systems & Networks
  • On Board Data Systems
  • RF Payload and Systems

Main Space related products, services and projects

    • We, jointly with Honeywell UK, developed a low cost S-band transponder that has sold more than 30 units worldwide for use on a variety of missions including several from ESA.
    • Zelinda developed all the DSP for a dual standard transponder which was manufactured by Tesat and is now deployed on the Full Orbit Constellation (FOC) of the Galileo navigation system.

    • We can analyse and model complicated communications challenges with high Doppler dynamics (such as Mars Entry Descent and landing) and devise suitable modulation schemes to meet exacting situations.
    • Zelinda have developed a high speed (up to 1.2 Gbps) high performance ground demodulator for EDRS (European Data Relay System), as well high speed LDPC decoders for ESOC’s state-of-the-art Tracking, Telemetry and command processor (TTCP).
    • More generally we offer a design and development service for exacting communications situations from intial analysis through to prototype.

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