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Office Location & Contact Details

Réaltra Space Systems Engineering
Clonshaugh Business Park
Dublin 17

Danny Gleeson, Chief Commercial Officer

+353 (0)87 244 8148



Réaltra Space Systems Engineering is a division of Realtime Technologies Ltd. based in Dublin, Ireland. Réaltra provides dedicated design & development engineering expertise for space electronics systems combined with Realtime’s proven manufacturing capability for space applications.

Réaltra is the Irish word for Galaxy and at the core of our company is an exceptional team of people who consistently deliver excellence through a commitment to innovation, attention to detail, flexibility to adapt and respond to our customers' evolving needs and a dedication to quality. 

The enhanced combination of engineering design and production of spacecraft electronics equipment available in Réaltra enables our customers to meet the challenging technical and cost constraints across a wide range of commercial and non-commercial space missions.

We have built the reputation of Réaltra based on the core principles of;

  • Innovative Design
  • Technical Excellence
  • Customer Support
  • Quality Processes

Realtra image
Réaltra Launcher Video Telemetry System (© Réaltra Space Systems Engineering, 2020).


Réaltra is an Irish space engineering company dedicated to the development and delivery of cost-effective leading-edge electronic systems for space applications in three core areas including;
  • Design of high-reliability, rad-tolerant space electronics;
  • Integrate COTS electronics using in-house & licensed technologies;
  • Develop IP focusing on reducing the cost of electronics in space.
Réaltra delivers innovative space electronics solutions to our customers through a unique fusion of the following attributes;
  • Pioneering space systems engineering combining COTS and traditional approaches;
  • Experienced team of space and COTS industry experts;
  • Design of lower cost manufacturing of space electronics;
  • Agile, integrated design and manufacturing team;
  • A passion for finding solutions to our customers challenges.
Réaltra engages with a network of trusted partners, industry leaders, Government bodies and centres of excellence in key areas of knowledge in Ireland and internationally in order to deliver on its mission to provide state of the art electronic engineering solutions for space applications. We have already achieved international recognition as a technological company offering technical excellence, flexibility, quality and customer-oriented innovation.

Service Domains

  • Human Spaceflight
  • Launchers
  • Satellite Technology

Technology Domains

  • EEE Components
  • On Board Data Systems
  • Optics
  • Space Systems Software
  • System Design & Verification

Main Space related products, services and projects

  • Custom Space Electronics

    The core skills within Réaltra are focussed on the design, build and integration of custom electronic hardware and software solutions for a range of space applications including on-board sensor monitoring and data processing and heater or actuator control. These space applications include embedded intelligence for local data pre-processing, actuation or for transmission of data to an on-board computer and/or to a telemetry stream. The custom design is married with the capability of Realtime to manufacture electronic assemblies to IPC, J-STD & ECSS standards.

    Réaltra is responsible for the design, development, integration and test of PLATO Payload Interface Unit (PLIU) for OHB.
  • Integrated Electronic Systems

    Réaltra has built on the experience of its staff to both ruggedize and integrate COTS electronics using in-house & licensed technologies for applications in the space environment. Our experienced team have a full range of the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to design, develop and deliver high performance space electronics hardware solutions for safe and reliable operation in the extreme conditions of launcher and space missions from LEO to Deep Space.

    Réaltra is responsible for the design, development, integration, and test of the Ariane 6 launcher Video Telemetry Kit for ArianeGroup.

  • COTS Modular Avionics

    Réaltra is developing its own IP around an innovative concept for future spacecraft modular avionics systems based on a network of nodes where each node provides a specific function. The Réaltra concept is based on lowering the overall costs of avionics systems as each node would consist of a standardised design. The avionics nodes are being designed with improved FDIR performance to meet the spacecraft mission requirements using low-cost COTS based avionics systems. The commercial benefit with the proposed development is to provide an order of magnitude reduction in the cost of avionics for future spacecraft.

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