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Under Ireland’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) (2021-2026), projects supporting the digital and climate transition of enterprise are being funded through the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility. This offer covers projects that will support the digital transition of the company, driving increased adoption and diffusion of digital technology.                                                                                       Funded by the European Union


The aim of the Digital Discovery grant is to incentivise and support companies to develop a strategic roadmap for their digital transition. This should encompass a review of existing systems, processes and capabilities and an exploration of new opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

Grant support is provided for external consultancy costs to help a company to develop a digital strategy, typically over an 8-to-12-week period.

Key focus areas to be covered:

  • Skills assessment, culture of innovation, digital mind-set in the company
  • Process flow efficiency in the operations (Lean & Digital)
  • Opportunities to deliver new value-added digital services or products
  • Use of digital systems to measure and reduce energy, emissions, and waste
  • Review of cyber-security strategy and processes

Am I eligible?

Eligible companies include client companies of Enterprise Ireland who employ 10 or more full time staff at the time of application. Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Up clients who employ 5 or more full-time staff are also eligible to apply.

Client companies of the Local Enterprise Offices, Údarás na Gaeltachta or IDA Ireland should contact their agency advisor directly for relevant supports.

Eligible companies also include companies who are not clients of any of the above agencies but employ 10 or more full time staff and are engaged either in manufacturing OR are trading internationally in an eligible services industry[1].

[1] As defined in ‘S.I. No. 81 of 2010 - INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT (SERVICE INDUSTRIES) ORDER 2010’ 

Eligible Activities

Digital Strategy development should cover the following:

Digital StrategyEligible Activity
1. Discovery• Analyse existing systems
• Analyse process flow efficiency (delivery of value to customers)
• Assess use of data to drive the business (KPIs)
• Skills assessment / digital mind-set in the company?
• Assess improvement / innovation culture
• Review of cyber-security strategy and processes
2. Exploration• Explore opportunities to improve process flow with Lean-digital systems
• Explore potential for digital services or products
• Explore use of digital data systems to inform decision making across the business – including the measurement and reduction of waste, energy and emissions
3. Planning• Co-develop a strategic roadmap for digitalisation with the company leadership and the consultant

The task breakdown should be agreed by the applicant and the chosen service provider and may vary from the above depending on the needs. Note that Enterprise Ireland will review all applications and reject those that are not in line with the objectives of the offer.

The project should result in increased capability and confidence for the company leadership in digital transition and a clear understanding of:

  • Current state of digital maturity and gaps
  • Opportunities for digital innovation in products, services or processes
  • A future vision / roadmap and defined action plan

What costs are eligible?

Enterprise Ireland will provide grant funding for 80% of the project cost up to a maximum of €6,300 (€5,000 grant). This is based on 7 days external consultancy services where the eligible costs are capped at €900 per day inclusive of travel and subsistence and all out-of-pocket expenses. Note that while the maximum daily rate supported by Enterprise Ireland is €900, the actual daily rate charged by a provider may be higher or lower.

Note: Receipt of other grants from Enterprise Ireland may impact on your eligibility for support under this initiative.

Ineligible costs include:

This is not a general consultancy grant and cannot be used for items such as:

  • Purchase, installation, or configuration of off-the-shelf technologies (hardware or software)
  • Upgrade of networking or other digital systems
  • Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Web consultancy
  • Routine consultancy audits including web, cyber-security, health & safety, energy
  • Training

Eligible Consultants

It is the responsibility of the applicant to identify and engage a suitable consultant for the project. There is no list of approved consultants related to this offer. Enterprise Ireland will not be liable for any loss and/or damage caused by an applicant’s decision to retain the services of a consultant in connection with this grant offer.

Applicants are strongly recommended to engage with up to three providers before making a choice of a provider with appropriate expertise and capability. Companies searching for a suitable provider may find the Lean Project Database to be a useful resource.

Consultants engaged for this grant support may not be employees of, shareholders of, or have a direct financial interest in the company.

As part of the assessment process, Enterprise Ireland may deem the proposed provider unsuitable based on these or any other criteria that may arise and will engage with the applicant to discuss other options or deem the project ineligible.

Application process

  • Contact your agency advisor to express your interest in applying (not relevant for non-EI clients)
  • Find a suitable consultant. Some potential options may be found on the Lean Project Database
  • Apply online on the application system:


  • Application review: 1-2 weeks processing time
  • Decision made and application approved/rejected
  • If approved, Grant issued and accepted via DocuSign
  • Project carried out with consultant
  • Consultant invoices company
  • Company makes a claim to Enterprise Ireland by submitting the correct documents. The final claim date for your grant will be 12 months from the issue date of the letter of offer from Enterprise Ireland.
  • Company is reimbursed
  • Company contacts their agency advisor to discuss follow-on actions

Essential Reading

Digital Discovery Brochure

Digital Discovery FAQs

Key points

  • One Grant per company
  • As part of the application, you will need your CRO number
  • The Grant is only valid for costs incurred after your application is approved

Closing date for Applications

This is subject to budget availability under The European Union’s Digital Transition Fund up to 2026.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, download Digital Discovery Grant Reference Document, contact your agency advisor, or email the Operational Excellence & Digital Department at