Company Health Check

Benchmarking Company Competitiveness

Competitiveness is a measure of a business’ ability to survive in the market place. Although a number of external factors can impact on a company’s competitiveness position such as oil prices, exchange rates etc, many factors are within the control of the management team and employees.   

Your competitiveness is dependent on having the right design of products, making them well, selling them efficiently and supporting the customer after the sale.  It requires being as effective and as efficient as the best in the world.


Company Health Check (CHC) – Benchmarking for Success

Enterprise Ireland can support you to benchmark your company against a database of European companies in your sector by working with you to undertake a Company Health Check (CHC)


How is it carried out?

A trained and accredited Enterprise Ireland staff member will visit you and work with a small team within your business for half a day to capture practice data. You will also need to provide management and financial data. Your data is protected with the utmost confidentiality. Our staff member will then compare your results against the international norms and prepare a feedback report for you.


What are the outcomes?

The feedback report establishes your company’s competitiveness against international standards for your sector and scale of business.  It makes detailed comparisons with like companies and suggested actions to improve performance.

Many companies use the Enterprise Ireland Company Health Check to identify and prioritise problem areas in their business.  Following a programme of activities to address issues identified in the Company Health Check, you can repeat the benchmarking process to monitor improvements in performance. 

For more information, contact details or to apply for our CHC service, go to Company Health Check service.


Best Practice Study Visits

Enterprise Ireland client companies can also experience best practices and lean processes first-hand by participating in a Lean Best Practice Study. 

Best Practice Study Visits are designed to show Irish companies examples of world-class operations implementing Lean best practices and provide solid and practical examples that they can apply to their own businesses in Ireland.  We visit international companies that are exemplars of lean business and efficiency, over a two to five day period, visiting two to 10 companies depending on the duration of the Study. Previous groups have travelled to Berlin, Bologna, Japan and the USA.

The Study Visits are open to all Enterprise Ireland clients who are involved in Lean business activities to improve their competitiveness.  As there are only a limited number of spaces on each visit, selection will be based on companies that have demonstrated that they are most likely to benefit from the Study Visit.

For more information on upcoming Best Practice Study Visits, contact your Enterprise Ireland Adviser or contact the key contacts below and ask to be put on the list of potential participants.

Jan Gallagher

+353 1 7272557

Jan Gallagher