Directory of Green Service Providers

A directory of service providers interested in undertaking assignments under the Green Offer is maintained by Enterprise Ireland.  The directory holds a profile provided by each service provider on their expertise and experience with environmental projects.  A company may select a service provider from this directory, or it may select a consultant/trainer who is not. In either case, before the company applies for funding, sufficient information must be provided to Enterprise Ireland to demonstrate that the proposed consultant/trainer is qualified to carry out the proposed work and has previously carried out similar assignments satisfactorily. Service providers can apply for consideration to be added to the directory. Inclusion in the directory will be based on their experience and expertise.

Please ensure you carefully read the Guidelines to use the Directory (.docx) prior to selecting from the list of service providers.

Enterprise Ireland does not give any warranty, either express or implied, as to the qualifications or suitability of any of the persons on the list of service providers and Enterprise Ireland will not be liable for any loss and/or damage caused by a company’s decision to retain the services of such a service provider.


Green Service Providers Forms

Relevant forms are available here for download for Environmental Consultants/Trainers:

  1. Green Service Providers Directory Application Form (.docx)
  2. GreenStart Assignment guidelines (.docx)
  3. Climate Action Voucher Assignment Guidelines (.docx)
  4. GreenPlus Assignment guidelines (.docx)
  5. Strategic Consultancy - Carbon Reduction Roadmap Guidelines (.docx)
  6. Lean Transform and Operational Excellence Example Training Specifications (including Environmental Training Specifications (.pdf)