G4IG Employment Grant Claim Forms

Please complete the following steps in order to claim your grant.

All forms must be SAVED, TYPED, PRINTED and then POSTED to Enterprise Ireland.


The G4IG grant is payable in two moities. The 1st moiety is payable when the Company has entered into a written contract of full-time employment with a Graduate for a period of at least 18 months.

The 2nd moiety is payable upon completion by the Graduate of 18 months full-time employment in the Company including a minimum period placed in the approved overseas location.

Please note that the final claim must be made on or before the final claim date as per your Letter of Offer.

While the graduate is based overseas it is acceptable for the graduate to be paid by the subsidiary. The employment contract must be with the grantee company and the grantee company must reimburse the subsidiary and provide evidence of this transaction to Enterprise Ireland.

Step 1 - Checklist

Complete the Claims Checklist for each claim and submit with all required documents.

If any of the required documents is missing, the claim will be returned.

Graduates 4 International Growth Employment Grant Claim Checklist [Word format]

Graduates 4 International Growth Director's Statement (Only required for second moiety).


Step 2 - Submit Forms

Your completed claim should be submitted to:

The Manager - Grant Payments Unit
Enterprise Ireland
The Plaza
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3


Step 3 - What happens next

  • Your claim will be assigned to a Grant Payment Officer who will review the details and seek clarification from you if necessary.
  • The Payment Officer will defer, disallow or pay the claim depending on their findings.
  • The Payment Officer completes the authorisation of your claim and submits a payment request to our Finance Department. You can opt to have your grant paid directly into your bank account or by cheque.
  • A letter will issue from Grant Payments with details of the approved payment and advising that payment will follow shortly.


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