Clear Custom Financial Support Grant Claim

Clear Customs Initiative comprises of two elements:

  1. Firstly, a training programme delivered nationwide by Skillnet Ireland in conjunction with the Irish Exporters Association and Irish International Freight Association;
  2. Secondly, eligible businesses can apply for a Clear Customs Financial Support payment to assist with the costs of recruiting and assigning new staff to customs roles, subject to terms and conditions for eligibility.

Please complete the following steps in order to claim your grant:

Review your Letter of Offer (Grant Agreement) taking note of the;

  • Project Number
  • Expenditure and Grant Amounts Approved and
  • Final Claim Date

The maximum number of claims that may be made against this grant is two therefore, all eligible employees approved must be claimed together in one claim and again at second claim stage.

Please note that, the second claim is to be submitted 6 months after the Letter of Offer date and prior to the Final Claim Date.


Step 1 – Forms

Download and complete the following documents. If any of the required documents are missing, the claim will be returned.

Clear Customs Financial Support Grant Director's Statement (word format)


Step 2 - Submit Forms

Submit your claim to Enterprise Ireland by email to

** Please note that as of 24/03/2020 claims are no longer being accepted by post.

  • Remember, when emailing, to include your Company Name and Project Number in the Subject Line.
  • Use your Client Number (CES ID) number when encrypting files. Your CES ID number can be found in “Schedule A” of your company’s Letter of Offer.


Step 3 - What happens next

  • The claim will be assigned to a Payment Officer, who will review the documentation to ensure that all required forms and documentation is included. If any required information is missing the Payment Officer will: 1) suspend the claim and request outstanding information or 2) if significant documentation is missing or the Final Claim Date has expired, the claim may be returned as invalid.
  • If all is in order, the claimed expenditure and associated supporting documentation will be desk inspected.
  • The Payment Officer completes the authorisation of the claim and submits a payment request to our Finance Department.
  • A letter will issue via email from Grant Payments - Industry with details of the approved payment and advising that payment will follow shortly to the Grantee Company’s bank account.