Irish SMEs are learning to attract and retain talent in their workforce

23rd January, 2020

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Attracting and Retaining Talent Workshop

Enterprise Irelands’s first Excel at Growth - Attracting and Retaining Talent workshop of the year is being held today in Carton House Hotel, Maynooth. Co. Kildare. Over the coming weeks, Enterprise Ireland will facilitate a number of these workshops nationwide aimed at supporting Irish companies to examine and develop a unique plan to help attract new skills and retain existing talent within their workforce.

Specialist recruitment and talent management agency, Conscia Ltd are working with the companies in attendance to examine how to attract and engage the best talent.

Head of Client Learning and Development at Enterprise Ireland, Keelin Fagan said, “As the rate of unemployment in Ireland continues to drop and the recruitment market becomes increasingly competitive, more and more companies are seeking to attract new talent while encountering challenges in retaining existing skills.

“One of the biggest obstacles for a company eager to fulfil its potential for growth and remain on its trajectory to global success, is its ability to not only attract the right staff with the right skillset but to retain them.

“It is therefore of growing importance that Irish companies move with this trend and adopt innovative strategies to attract and retain the essential skills required for their company’s evolution.

“Today’s workshop aims to support SMEs to explore and understand the benefits they can offer as employers while marketing them in an attractive way to engage potential staff. A business’s exporting success is dependent on very many variables, but few are as important to properly invest in as a talented workforce.”

Additional workshops will be held in Limerick and Dublin West on March 5th and May 7th. Further details can be found here.


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