Enterprise Ireland to host over 50 international trade events to spotlight the international impact of Irish business across the globe this St. Patrick's Day

11th March 2019

Patricks Day

  • Activity supports the drive for export diversification, in the context of Brexit
  • New Enterprise Ireland video ‘Ireland - small country, big impact’ promotes innovations emerging from Ireland to international audiences https://youtu.be/8faQHFse_tw

Enterprise Ireland today announced its programme of international activity to mark St. Patrick’s Day internationally. Representing Irish business globally, Enterprise Ireland will host over 50 trade and business events in over 45 locations across the world for Irish businesses and their international business partners. With a focus on driving increased export growth, particularly in the context of Brexit, the events which span from Washington to Sydney will focus on marking the achievements and contribution of Irish innovation to industries and business partners across the globe.

Leading the Agency’s activities, CEO of Enterprise Ireland Julie Sinnamon said: “For a small country, our impact internationally is immense, not least within the sphere of business. Internationally, Irish companies are achieving international sales at record levels, driving innovation and bringing the Irish Advantage to a wide range of sectors including; medtech, high-tech construction, fintech, agritech, ICT and emerging technologies.

“Over the coming two weeks, our trade events, spanning four continents will support our drive to ensure that Irish exporters are even more market diversified, growing across our key export markets including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. In the context of Brexit, this has never been more critical,” she continued.

Read the full interview with Julie Sinnamon here: https://irishadvantage.com/news/small-country-global-impact/

In tandem with the international trade events, Enterprise Ireland also today launched a global video https://youtu.be/8faQHFse_tw, as part of its ‘Irish Advantage’ international export promotion campaign. With the theme ‘small country, big impact’ the campaign highlights to international buyers, innovations that are emerging from Ireland and are shaping the future of our world and industries. Companies highlighted in the campaign video include:

  • medtech companies Aerogen, the world’s leading medical device company specialising in aerosol drug delivery systems; and Nuritas, which combines artificial intelligence and genomics to discover and unlock natural bioactive peptides, changing the lives of billions of people worldwide;
  • agritech companies Moocall, a specialist in sensor-based herd management software; and TerraNutriTECH, which automates animal nutrition to improve herd health;
  • cleantech companies C&F Green Energy, which is powered by a mission to make wind energy affordable; and NVP Energy, whose smart business solutions take wastewater from production lines and turn it into an energy source;
  • emerging technology companies Soapbox Labs, which develops safe speech recognition solutions for children; RecommenderX, which uses machine learning to guide enterprise teams to better, data driven decision making; and VR Education, whose virtual and augmented software is changing how educational training is delivered;
  • fintech companies AID:Tech, which uses blockchain technology to revolutionise how governments, corporate and NGOs deliver charitable aid and benefits across the world; and Sysnet Global Solutions which develops compliance security solutions that protect us online.

“Across so many sectors, Irish businesses are at the centre of technological innovation, developing solutions to meet the toughest challenges facing it, bringing what we know to be the ‘Irish Advantage’ to business partners around the world. This is why, for instance that Ireland produces fintech leader across payments, regtech and funds, has become a global centre for agritech innovation and is the second largest medtech exporter in Europe. In addition, Irish construction companies have a world-class track record delivering large and complex high-tech construction projects around the world. It is these achievements and many others that we promote internationally and particularly so around St. Patrick’s Day when the world focuses on Ireland,” said Julie Sinnamon.

The new campaign video will be promoted internationally on the business networking social platform LinkedIn and on the Irish Advantage website www.irishadvantage.com. Launched by Enterprise Ireland in September 2016, as a Brexit response measure, the campaign has reached a business audience of over 1 million to date.

Enterprise Ireland video ‘Ireland – small county, big impact’ 


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