Healthbeacon opens new production facility

26th September 2018

Health Beacon
Pictured with the HealthBeacon Smart Sharp Bin device are (l-r) Eileen Bell, Senior Development Advisor, Enterprise Ireland, Jim Joyce, CEO, HealthBeacon, Kieran Daily, CTO, HealthBeacon, Terence O’Rourke and Chairman, Enterprise Ireland

Innovative Irish digital health company expands Irish headquarters

Today, Wednesday 26th September, Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People Jim Daly T.D.* joined Irish digital health technology company HealthBeacon, to celebrate the official opening of their newly expanded Irish headquarters in Dublin 12.

(*Minister for Health Simon Harris was unable to attend this morning as scheduled)

HealthBeacon has been on an upward trajectory since founding in 2014, with 2018 their busiest year yet. Over the past four years the innovative Irish medtech company has experienced comprehensive market penetration within Ireland, witnessing in excess of 100% market growth. HealthBeacon has doubled staffing over the last 18 months, now employing 30. With offices in Ireland, Canada and the US, the business operates across 10 markets from the Headquarters in Dublin. The company was recently granted FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration) clearance and launched into the US market, which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

HealthBeacon develops smart tools for managing medication. The ‘Smart Sharps bin”, designed for injectable medication management, tightly monitors patients digitally, keeping them adherent to their prescription and leveraging real time data to drive clinical intervention. The stand-alone device is bringing MedTech into the ‘heart of the home’ helping to address one of the biggest unmet needs within the health arena – tracking patient’s real time usage and supporting chronic medicine schedules are maintained.

The expansion of HealthBeacon HQ makes way for advanced manufacturing processes and accommodate their growing data science team. The ground-breaking Irish company growth has been driven by global demand from the pharmaceutical industry and as such is increasing the technical capacity, customer care, warehouse and manufacturing space for both the production and the product development teams.

Speaking at the event, Jim Joyce, CEO of HealthBeacon added;
“2018 has been a fast track year for HealthBeacon and today reflects our successes and our ongoing continued investment here in Ireland, our global HQ. The company has entered multiple new markets this year and received FDA clearance allowing us to enter the US market, with the world’s only Smart Sharps Adherence Platform. Looking forward we are committed to continuing contributing to Ireland’s reputation as a global leader offering innovative best in class healthcare solutions,”

The HealthBeacon system has been clinically reviewed, validated by the pharmaceutical industry and has been integrated into thousands of patients homes throughout North America and Europe, delivering valuable data to both the patient and their clinical team.

HealthBeacon is on the forefront of the Digital Therapeutic development frontier and will be advancing their unique product development using AI technology. The team are excited to start their next chapter of new product development.

HealthBeacon have worked closely with Enterprise Ireland since founding and were joined by Terence O’Rourke, Chairman, Enterprise Ireland today:
“I am delighted to be at the opening of the HealthBeacon expanded production facility to support the company’s growth activities. Working closely with Enterprise Ireland since 2014, HealthBeacon is designing and developing digital tools that impact positively on the lives of patients worldwide.

The thriving Irish medtech sector continues its story of success and the development of innovative products such as the Smart Sharp Bin contribute significantly to Ireland’s reputation as a global leader in healthcare solutions. Our aim at Enterprise Ireland is to help businesses with global ambition to build scale and expand reach, and we will continue to work with HealthBeacon as it delivers medical solutions through innovation, underpinning the company’s continued growth in world markets.”

The opening event was attended by leaders from; Med-tech sector, executives from healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology and finance.

Speaking at the launch, Minister for Health Simon Harris TD said; "Health research and innovation are an integral part of a well- functioning health service. Medical progress is directly linked to a strong health research community. We recognise that health research is a key factor in promoting the health of the population, combating disease, reducing disability and improving the quality of care. It can and does improve the quality of our health services and the quality of life of many in our society. It can do this by utilising research-led preventative strategies and deployment of services; by bringing the latest treatments to patients; by developing new models of care, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery."

Keynote speakers at the event who provided expertise on scaling healthcare technology companies in Ireland, included; Jim Joyce, CEO of HealthBeacon, Terence O’Rourke, Chairman of Enterprise Ireland, and Orla O’Gorman, Head of Equity Listing Ireland, EURONEXT.


About Healthbeacon

  • HealthBeacon develops smart tools for managing medication.
  • HealthBeacon has developed an injectable medication management system that tightly monitors patients digitally, keeping them adherent to their prescription and leveraging real time data to drive clinical intervention. 
  • This system has been clinically reviewed, validated by the pharmaceutical industry and has been integrated into patient care programs throughout North America and Europe, delivering valuable data to both the patient and their clinical team.
  • Since opening the HealthBeacon office in 2014, HealthBeacon has added over 30 jobs and continues to grow quickly for both the Irish and Global teams. 
  • With offices in Dublin, Boston and Montreal HealthBeacon also has a presence in Latin America.

FDA Approval

Earlier this year, HealthBeacon, the maker of a revolutionary new digital way for people to take medication safely, achieved clearance from the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for its technology - A status much sought after by medtech players across the world. HealthBeacon’s injectable adherence platform will be available for the first time to the millions of Americans on long-term, chronic injectable care. The use of HealthBeacon smart technology aims to make a dramatic impact to cost savings within the US healthcare industry. Current estimated costs to manage medication non-adherence are estimated to be $290bn in the US market alone. Clearance is part of HealthBeacon’s regulatory strategy to make its technology available globally.

New Markets - Brazil 

HealthBeacon joined Enterprise Ireland in São Paulo, Brazil in early this September, along with Irish Minister Pat Breen TD, Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, the EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, as part of a trade mission to Brazil. HealthBeacon hosted by AbbVie Pharmaceuticals at a lunch with the key Brazilian government bodies in Education and Research as well as meeting with Brazil’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Mr. Gilberto Kassab. The Minister met with LATAM General Manager, Andrea Rangel, and North American Operations Director, Sean Glynn.

HealthBeacon has received full regulatory approval from Anatel and Anvisa to bring their smart sharps system into the Brazilian market. Brazil is a major market with millions of patients and is a key country in HealthBeacon’s global expansion strategy. The Brazil launch will represent the first market in South America with additional LATAM markets implementing shortly.


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