Vitro Software secures African contract

8th November 2017

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Irish Healthcare software provider seals first African contract

Dublin based healthcare software firm Vitro Software has won a multi-million US dollar contract with The Nairobi Hospital, a highly prestigious, soon-to-be 700 bed hospital, one of the largest private hospitals in East Africa. The contract, which was signed in Nairobi, Kenya today, Wednesday, November 8th2017, at a trade event officiated at by Simon Coveney, TD, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, follows on from a business contact made at an Enterprise Ireland ‘Med in Ireland’ conference held in Dublin in 2015. Vitro executives met with Mr. Gordon Odundo, CEO of The Nairobi Hospital, at that event and the introduction has led to Vitro’s first African business win.

Vitro Software’s technology provides clinical management software and services primarily for the healthcare sector that creates efficiencies whilst also reducing costs. It reduces change management challenges and provides better patient outcomes. Vitro is already being used in over 80 facilities worldwide including major hospitals in Australia and the United Arab Emirates. It is also used in the management of immigration detainees in Australia and more specialised areas of care such as rare diseases, children’s and aged care. Vitro is used by Operation Smile, an American headquartered NGO that provides free cleft surgeries to children in more than 60 countries, as well as in specialised areas of care such as LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Ireland’s only dedicated Children’s Hospice. (See list of client benefits below*)

In August 2016 The Nairobi Hospital launched an extensive expansion plan which will expand the capacity of the hospital to make quality healthcare more accessible in the region. The hospital has deservedly earned recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment and referral centre. In 2016 hospital professionals saw almost 185,000 patients and performed almost 10,000 operations.

Mr. Odundo said, “The Nairobi Hospital is looking forward to working with Vitro on this project which will offer tremendous value to our clinicians and enhance the quality of care to our patients. The hospital prides itself as being the leading healthcare facility in the region and this initiative will bear great testimony to our ability to be innovative in all matters that ensure the highest standards are met.”

Commenting on the contract Declan Daly, CEO Vitro Software, said, “We see our contract with the highly respected Nairobi Hospital as our first step in the vast continent of Africa. We plan on significant growth over the next couple of years. With The Nairobi Hospital contract and a local Kenyan partner, Savannah Informatics, a Kenyan based health informatics firm, we are well placed to grow, not just in Kenya, but to other sub-Saharan countries. I want to pay particular tribute to Enterprise Ireland for their focus in helping Irish companies develop export markets which was significant in leading directly to this opportunity.”

Minister Simon Coveney TD said, “This announcement exemplifies the significant opportunities that exist for Irish and Kenyan organisations to benefit from new trade
relations. I am pleased to witness the signing of the contract between Vitro Software and The Nairobi Hospital, Vitro Software’s first contract win on the African continent. I wish Vitro Software continued success in the future and I hope that this is just a first step in their expansion into increasingly dynamic African markets.”

Julie Sinnamon, Enterprise Ireland CEO said “Ireland is now globally recognised as a major centre of excellence in the medical technologies sector. Vitro Software is an example of a hugely successful Irish medical technologies company, whose success has been built on innovation and having global ambition. Enterprise Ireland has been supporting Vitro Software to achieve its export ambition with the company having a presence in over 80 healthcare facilities worldwide. The company’s latest multi-million Euro contract with The Nairobi Hospital is yet another major milestone for Vitro Software for the international scaling of the company.”


Additional Information

*Client reported benefits of Vitro Software

Calvary Health Care, Australia

  • There was more than a 90% decrease in the time taken to audit medical records.
  • There has been a 95% improvement in the completion of clinical documentation.
  • There has been a 75% saving in the costs associated with becoming paperless and these
  • costs are continually decreasing.
  • The collation of information for freedom of information requests has been reduced by over
  • 80%.

LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Ireland

  • There has been a 36% reduction in the time spent to locate, retrieve, add sample data and store a patient’s record.
  • The time taken to locate historical data within the patient record has been reduced by 66%.
  • “Vitro has allowed us to reduce patient admission time by up to 16%. For patient readmission, the time saving has been even greater, at up to 22% and only a couple of months later this has now been reduced to 50%. This time saving has a major benefit to our children, their parents and guardians and their care givers. Stress, administrative burden and clinical risk have all been impacted and reduced”.

About Vitro Software

Vitro Software, formerly Sláinte Healthcare is a leading international technology company who provide software & services that drive efficiencies and quality in healthcare. Vitro Software is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has offices in Australia and the Philippines. Through the deployment of our proprietary software, Vitro, we enable healthcare providers internationally to create efficiencies while also reducing costs, reducing change management challenges and providing
better patient outcomes.

Established in 2006, the company’s first product, Claimsure met at gap in the revenue cycle management process for Irish hospitals, replacing its paper processes with an entirely electronic process. By 2015 it was being used in over 90% of Irish hospitals and integrated with all PAS, Laboratory and Radiology systems, clients included Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) and private clients. Vitro was brought to market in 2012 and was quickly adopted by clients looking for a new approach to electronic medical records or clients that required a custom solution for niche or speciality areas in healthcare.

Our clients, located globally have achieved major gains in clinical and administrative processes, resulting in more time spent on providing patient care. Vitro is being used in more than 80 client sites and is benefitting thousands of clinicians and patients across the globe. Clients include both acute hospitals and speciality areas of care and case management. Bendigo Health a 650 bed state of the art hospital in Australia, Operation Smile, an American headquartered NGO that provides free cleft surgeries to children in more than 60 countries around the globe, as well as more specialised areas of care such as LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Ireland’s only dedicated Children’s Hospice.

Vitro was launched to market in order to address the worldwide gaps for Healthcare providers in moving to electronic records. Vitro is an adaptable, scalable and flexible solution that it tailored to each of our clients. We use our clients unique content, workflows and processes combined with the integration of their existing software to provide clinicians and patients with a complete electronic medical record managed through an intuitive, client unique, user interface.

Vitro Software’s expert team have in-depth knowledge in the area of rare disease and ICT solutions to meet the evolving needs of all the rare disease stakeholders. Vitro custom builds rare disease ICT solutions that are specific to the requirements of each disease. This ensures a robust top down solution to manage patient’s demographic information while also enabling clinicians to capture and manage complex clinical encounters electronically. Integration to their hospital systems and other rare disease ICT systems ensures continuity of data and reduced duplication, while extended data sets meet both regulatory needs and the needs of Pharmaceuticals who invest in rare disease research.

  • Bendigo Health, a 660 bed state of the art acute hospital in Victoria, Australia. Vitro provides an electronic clinical management system with hospital wide integration. Deployment on Microsoft Azure provides Bendigo with a secure cloud hosted solution which is accessible by clinicians and administrators securely and remotely.
  • Operation Smile, an American headquartered NGO that provides free cleft surgeries to children in more than 60 countries around the globe. Vitro provides a multi-lingual patient screening solution and Electronic Medical Record.
  • LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, Vitro provides an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Ireland’s only dedicated Children’s Hospice, allowing them to manage both clinical and administrative patient data.
  • SEHA, with 52 healthcare locations in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Calvary Care, Vitro’s Electronic Patient Chart is used in 11 of Calvary’s hospitals, throughout Australia for clinical data management, covering over 1400 beds.
  • MyNetCare in NSW, Australia, manages their clients end of life care through Vitro’s Electronic Patient Record. With a patient portal functionality, it allows patients and their families, GP’s, carers and clinicians direct access to care records.
  • SERCO manage immigrant care through detention centres cross Australia. Vitro is used as their electronic case file systems across 8 facilities and 51 compounds to manage the needs of their detainees.

About The Nairobi Hospital

Opened in 1954, The Nairobi Hospital has excelled in medical expertise and services provision and has deservedly earned recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment and referral centre. Expansive investment in latest technology and medical equipment has allowed the hospital to establish leadership in medical procedures both in Kenya and beyond. The leadership of The Nairobi Hospital has a vision of service excellence. This is evidenced in the
ambitious expansion plans and the commitment to process improvement and best practice protocols. The investment in IT systems, including the Vitro implementation plan, illustrates the commitment to improving patient care, allowing care givers to provide better and safer patient outcomes for all who attend the hospital.


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