Memorandum of Understanding signed between DEİK and Enterprise Ireland to increase trade between Ireland and Turkey

23rd May, 2016

L-R: Jonathan Ryan, Enterprise Ireland; Joe Breslin, Enterprise Ireland; Joe McHugh T.D,  Minister of State for the Diaspora and Overseas Development Aid; Rona Yircali,  Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK); M.Hakan Karaalioglu, DEIK; Mustafa Mente, DEIK

Since 2014, Irish trade to Turkey has increased by 32%

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government’s export agency that advances Irish firms’ expansion and growth to world markets and DEİK, Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. The agreement aims to reinforce bilateral trade relations and increase trade between the two countries. The signature ceremony hosted the Irish Minister, Joe McHugh T.D, Minister of State for the Diaspora and Overseas Development Aid, DEİK’s Board Member Rona Yircalı, DEIK’s Turkey-Ireland Business Council Chairman M. Hakan Karaalioğlu, Enterprise Ireland’s Director for Turkey, Jonathan Ryan, Enterprise Ireland’s Regional Director SEMEAI, Joe Breslin and prominent business people from both countries.

 At the signature ceremony, Minister Joe McHugh TD remarked:

 “Ireland and Turkey have a long standing trade relationship, to date bilateral trade between the two countries is approximately €1.6 billion. We are particularly pleased to see several Irish companies operating and creating employment in Turkey. The signing of this memorandum of understanding between Enterprise Ireland and DEİK constitutes a significant milestone in our trade relationship and I am optimistic that this will yield significant benefits to both countries in the years ahead.”

 DEİK Board Member Rona Yircali underlined the followings: “Although Turkey and Ireland are geographically far away, two nations have been always in close contacts. Our bilateral relations gained a relative momentum during the 1990s and we need to increase the investment relations, financial flows, tourism activities, services and know-how exchanges between the two countries for the prosperity of our people. For diversified and sustainable economic relations, there is a great potential in many sectors. Turkish private sector is strongly committed creating the best possible economic relationship between Turkey and Ireland. Since, 1994, Turkey-Ireland Business Council under the umbrella of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey is serving for this purpose. The MoU between DEİK and EI will provide assistance to develop direct business relations between our business people and will contribute strengthening the alliance between our nations, and the friendship between our people.”

 DEIK’s Turkey-Ireland Business Council Chairman M. Hakan Karaalioğlu, noted Today’s Memorandum of Understanding between DEİK and our long time partner Enterprise Ireland marks an important step, which I firmly believe, will go beyond not only building strong economic relationships but also cultural ones. Both countries share certain memories and both cultures are already connected in many ways. We just need to bring Turkish and Irish people together more often and make them aware of eachother. In this way, we will see both our economies flourish.”

 Enterprise Ireland Director for Turkey Jonathan Ryan reflected: “Enterprise Ireland is working to reinforce the existing ties and friendship between Irish and Turkish firms. Our activities have intensified since the establishment of an Enterprise Ireland office in Turkey in 2014. I am encouraged by the fact that trade in the last two years has increased by 32% with strong growth in trade services from Ireland reflecting the strength of the Irish technology sectors. Likewise there has been a strong performance in merchandise exports from Turkey based on their excellent manufacturing base. I would like to express my gratitude to DEİK for the memorandum of cooperation we signed today, and we believe that working with DEİK, an organisation with extensive experience, will help us intensify trade relations between our two countries.”


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