Dublin Company FDT Consulting Engineers commence €1.6 million European Commission funded Eco-innovation Project

17th December 2014

Dublin Company FDT Consulting Engineers has announced it is to commence a €1.6million European Commission funded Eco-innovation project, PUReOPE (Process for Upgrade and Recovery Of Polyphenol Extracts).  The project has successfully secured 50% funding under the EU CIP Eco-Innovation Programme.  The project willcommercialise a unique and innovative methodology for the extraction of high-value polyphenol compounds from process waste in brewing, distilling and related sectors.  These naturally-produced polyphenols are similar to those found in red wine, green tea, berries and olive oil, the health benefits of which have been widely reported.

FDT is an Enterprise Ireland supported engineering consultancy focused on the beverage and food sectors. They are the lead partner, working with partners CPL Scientific and Exima, with the support of expert consultants from Ireland, UK and Germany.

PUReOPE (www.pureope.com) provides an environmental benefit by reducing effluent volumes and treatment requirements and a further economic benefit by recovering water and caustic suitable for re-use.

The project objectives are to:

  • Develop a business which is based on the recovery of a commercially valuable by-product, polyphenols, while reducing the environmental impact of industrial waste streams from brewing, distilling, malting and cereals production.
  • Set up an industrial-scale demonstrator, which will be tested in brewing and distilling and used for volume demonstrations in other sectors. It is planned that this will be followed by commercial installations on sites in the beverage and food industries.
  • Produce a range of high grade polyphenol extracts and overcome any barriers to getting these into the growing worldwide market for polyphenols and antioxidants.

Enterprise Ireland’s CIP Eco-innovation/Horizon2020 National Contact Point Mark Sweeney said “We are delighted with this success for an Irish company under the initiative. FDT is an example of a company who has benefited from Environmental Protection Agency funding at a national level and progressed to European funded projects. Companies should note that there are many new opportunities for Eco-innovation funding in Horizon 2020, the new European Commission Research and Innovation Framework Programme. We are actively looking for companies with innovative products and processes that reduce environmental impacts.”

Any interested companies should contact mark.sweeney@enterprise-ireland.com or a.wemaere@epa.ie for more information.

Media Contact Info:

Project Coordinator: Michael Clancy
FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd, Unit 1 Churchtown Business Park, Dublin 14, Ireland
E-mail: Michael.clancy@fdt.ie
Web: www.fdt.ie

Tel: +35312960022

Partners:   CPL Scientific Ltd, UK (cplconsult.com) and EXIMA A.p.s., Denmark (www.exima.dk)
Project Website:   www.pureope.com