Update to Enterprise Ireland's 2012 End of Year Statement

In an update to its End of Year Statement issued today (24 January 2013), Enterprise Ireland reported that Irish exporting companies increased employment by 3,338 in 2012 due primarily to a strong export performance. Despite a continued challenging economic environment in 2012 Enterprise Ireland supported companies crucially added to their employment base and now supports more than 300,000 jobs in the Irish economy (15% of total workforce).

Total direct employment (full and part time) in Enterprise Ireland client companies stood at 169,451 in 20121.  Of these, 145,460 are full-time jobs, while 23,991 are part-time jobs. In addition, new job commitments made by Enterprise Ireland clients in 2012 were over 7,000 exceeding the target of 6,250 for the year.

On January 3, 2013, our End of Year Statement showed a Net Jobs Gain for Enterprise Ireland clients at 3,804. The updated position is as set out above and will be incorporated into our 2012 Annual Report which will be published in June.


1Source: The Annual Employment Survey carried out by Forfás.  The full 2012 report will be published in early 2013.