Minister Bruton leads 5-day, 3-city Enterprise Ireland/IDA trade and investment mission to India

Number of Ministerial-led trade missions has doubled since launch of Action Plan for Jobs

42 Irish companies and Higher Education Institutions on mission to target sectors including technology, life sciences, financial services, engineering and education

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton TD today (Saturday 16th November, 2013) departs on a five-day trade and investment mission to India involving 42 Irish companies and education institutions, organised by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. The intensive five days of businessactivity on the mission will cover three cities, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.

This is the 17th major trade and investment mission that Minister Bruton has led in 32 months since taking office in March 2011. The number of Enterprise Ireland Ministerial trade missions has doubled since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs.

The schedule includes over 30 high-level meetings and events all focussed on two key aims - supporting Irish companies and education institutions to increase exports to India, and attracting investment and jobs into Ireland from key Indian companies. Included in the schedule are:

  • 16 events and meetings aimed at promoting Irish companies who are seeking to increase their exports in the Indian market.
  • 9 one-on-one meetings with Indian companies considering locating in Ireland or already located here.
  • 15 engagements with Indian media - targeting business media in particular - to promote Irish companies exporting to India as well as promoting Ireland as a destination for multinational investment.
  • A meeting with Anand Sharma, Indian Government Minister for Commerce and Industry.

Speaking before his departure Minister Bruton said:

"Central to the Government's plans for jobs and growth is driving an export-led recovery, and in the past two years we have seen a turnaround in employment in the exporting sectors of the economy. In the three years 2008-2010 Irish and multinational exporting companies lost more than 40,000 jobs, but since 2011 they have added well over 15,000 jobs. Each job added in companies in these sectors leads to approximately one additional job elsewhere in the economy.

"Through the Action Plan for Jobs we have implemented a range of changes to provide better supports for companies who are determined to continue growing their exports and creating new jobs, including the establishment of a Potential Exporters Division in Enterprise Ireland and a series of tax changes to make it easier to place staff in overseas markets and to attract key multinational executives to Ireland.

"Key growth markets such as India are particular targets. We have delivered increases in the intensity of our programme of Ministerial-led trade missions, and I am determined that through the intensive series of meetings and events that we hold this week, we will help grow exports and investment in this high-growth market and help create the jobs in Ireland we need".


Contact: Conor Quinn, DJEI, 087-3743783


The Action Plan for Jobs includes a commitment by Government to carry out an intensive programme of Ministerial-led trade and investment missions.

Since the Plan was launched in early 2012 the number of trade missions led by Enterprise Ireland, for example, has doubled, from an average of 8.5
(2007-2011) to an average of 17 (2012 and scheduled for 2013).

This is Minister Bruton's 17th major trade/investment mission in 32 months since taking office in March 2011.

The 16 previous missions undertaken comprise:

  • Six IDA investment missions to the USA, three to the east coast, two to the west coast and one encompassing the East Coast, South and
  • Five Enterprise Ireland trade missions, one to Texas, one to the south-eastern USA, one to Saudi Arabia and India, one to Canada and
    one to France accompanied by hundreds of Irish companies looking to
    break into new export markets.
  • A 7-day joint EI/IDA mission to China led by the Taoiseach in 2012, and a further joint EI/IDA mission to China and Japan led by Minister
    Bruton in 2013.
  • A 5-day EI/IDA trip to the west coast of the USA built around St
    Patrick's Day 2012.
  • A 4-day mission to Germany around St Patrick's Day 2013, and a 2-day mission to Germany around St Patrick's Day 2011, including a series
    of meetings arranged by IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia and Tourism Ireland.

Among the schedule of more than 30 meetings and other engagements which Minister Bruton will participate in during the mission are:

  • Meetings and business events aimed at facilitating export opportunities for Irish companies.
  • Meetings with world-leading multinational companies who have operations in Ireland or are looking at investing here.
  • Meetings with senior Indian business leaders.
  • Attendance at major Education in Ireland student recruitment fairs in Bangalore and Mumbai where Indian students will have direct access to Irish Higher Education Institutions and can access advice and guidance on study options in Ireland.
  • Minister Bruton will address the Global Innovation Conference in New


  • Meeting with Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma in New Delhi.
  • Ministerial address at large Irish Trade and Investment forum in Mumbai with panel representatives from both the Indian and Irish business communities.
  • Series of business networking events.
  • Series of engagements with India media promoting Ireland as a valued trading partner and location for investment.

Mission Schedule

Saturday 16th November 2013
10:40 Depart Dublin for Bangalore via Heathrow

Sunday 17th November - Bangalore
05.00 Arrive Bangalore- Bengaluru International Airport
12.30 Briefing on India Market Activities
14.00 Minister attends Education Fair
15.00 Media Interviews
17.00 Meetings with IDA clients in pharma and tech sectors
18.00 Media briefing
18.30 Meeting with EI client
19.00 Ministerial Education Business Networking Event for Delegates and local partners/guests
20.15 EI/IDA Business Networking Event with key Clients/Business Influencers

Monday 18th November - Bangalore / Delhi
07.30 Depart hotel
09:00 Meeting with IDA target company, tech sector
10.45 Transfer to Bangalore airport for Delhi
13.25 Flight departs Bangalore to Delhi
16.10 Arrives Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport,
18.00 Arrive and check in
19.30 E.I. /IDA Key Business influencers' business networking event
22:00 Transfer back to hotel

Tuesday 19th November - Delhi
08.30 Depart hotel
09.15 Global Innovation Conference address by Minister
10.00 Media Engagement/Press appointments post conference
11.00 IDA Media interview
12.00 EI event, education sector
13:00 IDA Client Meeting, tech sector
14:00 E.I. Meeting tech sector
15:30 Meeting with IDA target company, business process outsourcing sector
18:00 Depart hotel for Trade Ministry
18:30 Minister Bruton meeting with India Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma
19.30 Trade Mission Business Networking Event
22.00 Bus Transfer back to hotel

Wednesday 20th November - Mumbai
06.30 Transfer to Delhi Airport for flight to Mumbai
08.35 Flight to Mumbai
10.45 Arrive Mumbai Domestic Airport
13.15 Attend Education in Ireland Fair / (Media to attend)
15.00 Meetings EI and IDA target companies, life sciences and tech sectors
17.15 Meeting with IDA client company, medical devices sector
18:00 Meeting with EI client company
18.30 Event with EI/IDA clients / Irish India Business Association Mumbai Chapter
19.30 Ministerial Business Forum Ministerial address to business audience of 200 invited guests followed by interactive panel discussion involving audience moderated by EI Chairman. Theme is: ''Ireland - a trusted business solutions partner to Indian companies''

Thursday 21st November - Mumbai
10:00 IDA Client meeting, pharma sector
12:00 Meeting with IDA target company, financial services sector
14:00 EI Client meeting financial services sector
15:30 Media
18:00 Mission debrief Oberoi Hotel Board Room lobby level
22.00 Transfer to Mumbai International Airport

Enterprise Ireland is the Government agency responsible for the development and internationalisation of Irish enterprises. Its main aim is to boost exports and export-led jobs. Enterprise Ireland has 30 offices worldwide to help Irish firms develop overseas markets. Each year, Enterprise Ireland organises a series of targeted international trade missions, market visits, participation in international trade fairs and a large number of international buyer visits to Ireland focussed on assisting Irish firms target and secure international contracts and overseas partners. Here, Enterprise Ireland works directly with Irish firms to help them start up, develop their businesses, build competitiveness and innovate.

IDA Ireland is the Irish Government's Foreign Direct Investment Agency. The function of IDA is to contribute to Ireland's economy by securing new
investment from foreign and multinational companies and through developing the strong base of overseas companies already located here in a variety of
business sectors including:

  • Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Technologies)
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • International Financial Services
  • Consumer Content and Business Services (CCBS) / Engineering, Industrial & Clean Technologies
  • Growth Markets
  • Emerging Business

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