Seed Capital Funds

Seed capital, like venture capital, is an investment in a company in return for a stake (equity) in that company. It is typically made in early-stage companies who are in the funding gap between business angels and venture capitalists.


The ideal seed capital investor will have the following:

  • a strong commercial track record
  • excellent business credentials
  • capacity to invest
  • ability to identify commercial opportunity 
  • established links and relevant industry contacts
  • the ability to follow its investment until such time as the company is ready to continue its growth with venture capital and beyond


Seed capital funds in Ireland

A total of €124 million is under management in Enterprise Ireland supported seed capital funds. The four main seed funds operating in Ireland are the

In addition there are other funds in Ireland that provide early stage financing 


How to apply?

Contact the relevant seed capital funds directly by clicking on their links above.


Key contacts/more information

Enterprise Ireland clients should contact their Enterprise Ireland Adviser or a member of our Growth Capital team:

Donnchadh Cullinan
Growth Capital & Banking Relations
Growth Capital Department

Growth Capital Team

+353 1 727 2162