Is exporting the right move for your company?

Your company has performed well in the Irish market, but to maintain your competitive position and grow further, you may now need to look outside Ireland. Is exporting part of your strategic plan? If not, why not? By developing your business overseas, you can:

  • Spread the business risk across markets
  • Open your company to new ideas for products and services
  • Achieve greater economies of scale and become more cost-competitive
  • Enhance your credibility with customers
  • Increase the skills, knowledge and expertise within your company

Successful Irish Exporters

Be inspired by hearing successful Irish exporters' stories and explore why exporting could be right for your business right now.

By exporting, you are also playing a part in boosting Ireland’s economy

  • With a small domestic market success in exporting is key to Ireland’s growth.
  • In the current global economic crisis exporting is the only real long term solution.
  • Ireland’s economic recovery must be export led – there’s significant potential for Irish companies to grow international sales in export markets.
  • Strong indigenous exporting sectors are the backbone of individual economies across the world, providing them with a stable employment base and enhancing their resilience.


But before you decide to export, ask yourself

  • Can your company retain its competitive edge overseas?
  • Do you and other key stakeholders in the company have the ambition and commitment to see it through?
  • Is your business model scalable?
  • Is your company's organisational structure aligned to meet export challenges?
  • Do you need to strengthen your board and bring investors into your company?

Download Why Export (word format)  to explore these key issues.


You can do it

If you feel daunted by taking the first steps towards exporting, remember:

  • Our most successful companies have built their success on export markets and strong international sales.
  • In today's global marketplace, if you have been able to survive in the Irish market, more than likely that means you are already competing successfully with overseas companies - albeit on your home territory. Ireland has a growing number of experienced export sales and marketing people who can help you to succeed in international markets.
  • This website and other tools and supports from Enterprise Ireland can help you manage the risks and avoid costly mistakes.