Workshop on Oil & Gas Business Opportunities in Norway & Sweden, 3rd of September 2015

Over the years, Enterprise Ireland Stockholm has developed a solid network in the Norwegian and Swedish Oil and Gas sector. With the ultimate focus to sell Irish technologies to the Nordic region, the objective of the workshop is to present the Business Opportunities to Irish companies active in the sector.



Despite limited own resources, Sweden has developed a strong supply capability to the Oil and Gas industry. The hub of the Swedish Oil and Gas sector is located in Göteborg, just 3 hours drive from Oslo. Close collaboration between the two countries has created successful global expansion, including the emerging markets. International turnover of Norwegian products, technologies and services has grown to more than NOK 150 billion in a decade (ca 18 billion Euro). Norway is a driving force in Europe in terms of Offshore Reserves and Development projects. Despite falling oil prices, and perhaps precisely because of them, there may never have been a better time to focus on the opportunities in the Nordic region.

Why attend?

  • Meet with Oil and Gas industry experts from Sweden and Norway and listen to the latest developments in these countries within this sector.
  • Attend the seminar to understand opportunities and demand for the Irish products and services in the Nordic region.
  • Get an understanding of the Oil and Gas industry structure and how to prepare yourself to approach these markets.
  • The workshop will also touch upon best practices for establishing a business in the Nordic region.
  • Get to know the main events and exhibitions in Nordic region in 2016.


During the seminar EI will collect the following information for the next step - NOF Energy 2015, November 23-25 in Dublin:

  • what kind of Swedish and Norwegain companies would you like to meet?
  • what else do you need to know about Swedish and Norwegian Oil and Gas sector?
  • what events and exhibitions are of interested to attend in Nordic region?

Date, Time and Venue

Date: 3rd of September 2015

Time: 10-12 a.m. Followed by networking lunch

Place:Enterprise Ireland Office, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3


To reserve a place please contact

Victoria Boiko

Market Adviser – Stockholm

+46 (0)8 459 21 62

+46 (0)70 098 25 52

Victoria Boiko

Please note that availability is limited so places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.