International Markets Week 2016

How to get the best from your Meetings

Enterprise Ireland wishes to ensure that we deliver the best outcome from your meetings at International Markets Week. 

As each of your meetings is for 40 minutes only, it is important that you are well prepared in order to maximise this opportunity. 

Here are some suggestions on getting the best results from your meetings with us:

If you are already working with us in each market, please consider the following issues: 

  • What outcome do you want to achieve?
  • Have there been significant changes in your sales process, or that of your competitors regarding this market?
  • What have been the key to any successes you have had in this market -  up to date market and competitor intelligence, addition of resources in market, proactive local partner, etc.?

If this is a new market for your company, our Market Advisers will ask that you to have the following information prepared: 

  • In which other markets are you successful in Ireland and overseas - how have you achieved this success?
  • What is your business/value proposition?
  • Why have you decided to target this market?
  • What market validation have you carried out and what evidence do you have for a demand for your product / service?
  • What sales and marketing resources / people / budget will you allocate to developing this new market?


If possible please bring your Sales/Marketing Plan and any relevant company marketing material with you.

To contact a member of the International Markets Week Team:

Envelop iconInternational Markets Week
Tel: + 353 1 2845878