Proactively manage your people to obtain a competitive advantage 2016

Finance for Growth Workshop Series

About the workshop

This topic will focus on the impact of the Management team on growth and the bottom line. It will explore how to create a proactive culture and maximise your people’s performance to deliver the best results for your business.    It will highlight common problems in SME executive teams and how to manage internal conflict. It will instruct Management on how to nurture and formulate a strong team cohesion in order to drive their internal and external company growth.  The session will also cover legal Compliance; knowing your rights and obligations.


Date & venue

  • Cork - Tuesday 16th February, 2016
  • Dublin - Wednesday 17th February, 2016



  1. HR Suite Legal Compliance Maximising Your Team 
  2. Client experience - Gravey Group 
  3. Client experience - SoftCo 


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