FX & Limiting the Risk of International Trade - 2013

Finance for Growth Workshop Series

About the workshop

This topic examined how you can partner with your bank to internationalise your business, exploring how and when to engage with a financial institutions to avail of the various methods / financial instruments an exporting SME can use to mitigate risks associated with international trade such as Foreign exchange, letters of Credit, Invoice Discounting, Credit insurance, Performance bonds, etc

Date & venue

  • Galway - Tuesday 15th October, 2013
  • Dublin - Wednesday 16th October, 2013

Presentations [pdf format]

FX & International Trade Synopsis October 2013
Ulsterbank Pres1 Trade Finance October 2013
Ulsterbank Pres2 Managing FX Exposure October 2013
Ulsterbank Pres3 Invoice Finance October 2013
FX and International Banking Case Study ROCG
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