Exploring Exporting Workshops

Enterprise Ireland has developed a workshop to assist early and pre-export companies make sound business decisions on whether exporting is for them, understand how to export and how to plan for successful export entry. This workshop is designed to equip Irish companies with the knowledge to truly master the fundamentals for developing a sustainable export strategy. We aim to:

  • Improve your understanding of the challenges of exporting
  • Develop your understanding of the fundamentals and principles of exporting
  • Encourage you to take a systematic approach in preparing to export
  • Develop your understanding on how to assess export opportunities
  • Develop your understanding of the need to articulate a clear company message and a well-defined business proposition

Each workshop will focus on the process and skills required to identify, develop and build an effective export strategy.  Over the course of the workshop a number of practical exercises are scheduled, where delegates use the learning from each session to work on strategies for their own organisations.  Each workshop has a specific focus covering the following:


The decision to export

  • Why export?
  • Challenges of exporting
  • Assessing the export opportunity and gathering intelligence


Going to market as an exporter

  • Preparing to export
  • Defining your 'go to market' strategy
  • Creating a value proposition


In addition, mentor support is available to participant companies to assist them with the learning from the workshops, focus company thinking and challenge them in relation to their export potential.  Individual support from Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre will also be available to assist you in your market intelligence research.


Exploring Exporting Workshops 

Please note there are no workshops on offer at present.


More information/contact

If you wish to be notified about upcoming workshops in this series, please contact:

Margaret Halligan

Programme Manager
Potential Exporters Unit
Enterprise Ireland


 +353 1 727 2474

For information on exporting, go to Get Export Ready.