Excel at Growth - Managing Successful Innovation Projects - Dolmen - 30th November 2017

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About the workshop

The aim of the Managing Successful Innovation Projects workshop is to support you to successfully manage the innovation cycle within your business so that you can maximize the number of viable innovation projects from concept testing through to commercialization.  In this workshop, you will learn best practice on how to manage innovation projects, ensuring they are delivered to schedule with intended results.


Training Provider

The workshop is delivered by Dolmen.  



Upon completion of the workshop you will be able to: 

  • Scope out your innovation project(s) in detail – with an understanding of deliverables, timeframe, resources and key stakeholders
  • Manage an appropriate staged development process with scheduled project reviews and assessments
  • Build and implement a process to prototype and validate concepts with customers and key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Put in place the appropriate financial planning for innovation initiatives – including budget management
  • Establish and monitor KPIs to track the performance and outcome of a project
  • Resource & manage key capabilities to drive and support the innovation process
  • Drive a sustainable innovation process and culture to support innovation activities



    1. Pre-Workshop assessment
    2. One-day Workshop 
    3. Post-Workshop two hour follow-up implementation session


Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is of interest to Senior Management with responsibility for

  • Innovation 
  • Research and Development

Up to three executives per company can attend each programme.


Workshop Cost

Enterprise Ireland will significantly support each participating company. Companies pay €300, which allows companies to bring up to 3 participants per workshop.


Workshop Date and Venue



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For further information, please contact:

Daryl Regan 
Programme Manager

+353 1 727 2772

Daryl Regan


Caroline Cummins
Programme Coordinator

+353 1 727 2286

Caroline Cummins


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