Successful Market Entry with the Business Battlecard – Paul O’Dea/Select Strategies - 12 March 2013

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About the workshop

History tells us that for every successful market entry, about four fail.  And this failure is not just isolated to inexperienced startups, it also affects many sophisticated companies and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Taking on a new market is an issue that affects all parts of the business and poses numerous challenges – understanding the market, identifying partners, appraising the competition, recruiting suitable staff etc.

In our experience, all companies, regardless of sector, need to consider the following five questions when considering new market entry:

What do you want to be famous for?
Who are your selected customers?
Where is your measurable value?
Why should customers choose you rather than your competitors?
How will you get your product to market?

In this one day workshop Paul O’Dea will take you through a series of tools and exercises to help answer these questions.  You will be asked to challenge your assumptions, look hard at the competition and consider what SMART actions you will take next.

Following the workshop participant companies should have:

  • Clearly established the core value their company offers, vis a vis the competition in that market
  • Be on track to create strongly differentiated value propositions to that market
  • Have identified and focused on best fit sales prospects, so called sweet spot customers
  • Started to improve sales conversion rates


Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for the leadership teams of growing companies seeking to expand into new markets, or improve their sales success in existing markets.  Ideally two people per company should attend.

Participants will be required to complete some pre-work in advance of the workshop, details will be provided upon registration.


Workshop follow-up

Following the workshop you will be given a Market Entry Strategy template to work through with your team.  Having devised and refined your Market Entry Strategy you will then have the opportunity to review and assess your strategy in a two-hour 1:1 feedback session with Paul.  During this session Paul will work with you to challenge your assumptions and provide direct feedback on your strategy.

The focus of both the workshop and feedback session is at all times on implementation.  What actions will you take in the next 90 days to implement your strategy, learn more about your proposed market or test your assumptions.

Post-workshop feedback session

Having devised and refined your Market Entry Strategy, you will then have a 2 hour 1:1 feedback session with Paul O’Dea from Select Strategies.  During this session Paul will work with you to challenge your assumptions, and provide feedback on your strategy.  This implementation focused approach ensures you leave the programme with an implementable strategy to grow your business in new markets.

Comments from previous participants

  • ‘We had been using a tap and go approach to new markets. Paul O’Dea made it clear that this was going to fail. The workshop helped us take a hard look at ourselves, make some tough decisions and focus.’
  • The feedback session on our implementation task was very useful. It helped knock us into shape.
  • This workshop challenged our egocentric view of our value proposition. It got us to challenge our thinking and develop a much clearer and target proposition, focused at our sweet spot customers.


Workshop Provider

The workshop is provided by Paul O’Dea, CEO of Select Strategies.  The workshop approach uses The Business Battlecard methodology and is based entirely on growing companies.  Paul has co-founded and help build several international companies, particularly in the technology sector. Since making the switch from ‘entrepreneur to business advisor’ in 2000, he has worked with hundreds of CEOs in investor backed companies. His passion is to help ambitious CEOs to grow their early stage companies to over €25m revenue internationally.

Paul combines his experience of the uncertainty of early stage companies and his insight into a CEOs real ambitions to provide practical execution based advice. He has particular expertise in new customer acquisition, building international sales teams, product-market fit and CEO business coaching. He has been a founder or director in three successful exits to public companies, which generated  4-5 times returns to VC investors.


Workshop date & venue

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 12th March, 2013 at Enterprise Ireland, The Plaza, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3.


Participation fee

There is a €300 fee per company for this programme and a maximum of ten companies will participate in the programme. This represents a 70% subsidy from Enterprise Ireland.



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For further information, please contact:

Bridgin Durnin
Event Co-ordinator

Enterprise Ireland
Tel: +353 1 7272734

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