Excel at Market Intelligence

The most successful companies engage in Market & Competitor intelligence gathering, as part of a team based, ongoing sales and marketing process. Gathering intelligence on your competitors and markets will feed into every strategic business decision.

Excel at Market Intelligence

Excel At Market Intelligence, delivered online with business growth advisor support, will give you best practice tools and skills to continually update your approach to sales as the market evolves. Specifically, by engaging in Market Intelligence you will:

  • Find your target market
  • Know more about your competitors
  • Discover potential partners and clients
  • Engage in best practice

The programme is open to 3 People from your team, including a Senior Executive (Project Sponsor). During the programme they will learn best practice techniques for gathering essential information and drawing insights about their market and competitors.

Programme Approach:

  1. The programme combines an online Market Intel toolkit via Enterprise Irelands Digital Learning Platform eiLearn and one to one Business Growth Advisor support to help you and your team embed the market research skills.
  2. With your business growth advisor, you will follow a five step process to gather the information you need to make the business decision.
  3. The course is hands on – your team will be gathering the information, gaining the skills to repeat it again successfully in the future.

Excel at Market Intelligence 2

During the programme you will

  • Engage with One to one Business Growth Advisor, and be upskilled using EI’s Digital Learning Platform (eiLearn).
  • Learn a Repeatable, Team Based process that promotes information sharing (within Client and with EI)

At the end of the Excel at Market Intelligence programme you will have

  • The skills to do Market Research focussing on gathering information vital to their company
  • The answer to an immediate business decision for example - Choice of Market, Competitor Intelligence or Finding Partners and Prospects

Fees & How to Apply

Programme cost €900 (1 day support, payable by the client direct to the Business Growth advisor). Enterprise Ireland pays for additional 2 days (direct to Business Growth Advisor). Grant rates for Large clients and HPSU (High Potential Startups) may vary.

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For more information contact

Paul Browne

Programme Manager, Sales and Marketing, Enterprise Ireland

+353 1 727 2329

Paul Browne