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This informative, interactive and highly practical 1 day workshop will enable service companies to plan and implement more effective lead generation programmes in their business to drive revenue growth.

Lead generation presents unique challenges for service businesses. The intangible nature of services combined with the need for trust in the service provider heightens the buyer’s perception of risk.

This workshop will help companies to adopt a more targeted approach to lead generation, to identify key enablers for building credibility with buyers/influencers and to establish the optimum mix of channels to engage new prospects.

Delegates will be provided with the tools necessary to plan, implement and manage a lead generation programme tailored to their business.


Why spend time on getting this right?

Lead generation is a key enabler for Irish service businesses to succeed in the new global economy. The current market has created challenging conditions for many businesses. Now more than ever before, businesses need to stand out from their competitors nationally and internationally to survive and prosper. Those businesses that invest the time and effort in building internal capability, processes and systems to improve the effectiveness of lead generation will emerge from this recession stronger than their peers.

Many service-based businesses have been built on the reputation and contact network of the business founders. Excellence in service delivery generates referrals to new contacts and networks expand as contacts move companies bringing new opportunities.

However, there inevitably reaches a point in every business where the existing contact network does not generate enough opportunities to feed the delivery team. This is the point where firms need an effective lead generation engine within the business to continuously feed the top end of the sales pipeline with new contacts and new opportunities.


Workshop Objectives

The aim of the workshop is to help your company plan and implement an effective lead generation programme to feed the sales pipeline with new opportunities and new clients. This will be achieved by:

  • Better quality targeting – enabling the business to focus lead generation by applying meaningful filters to their addressable market to produce a target prospect list
  • Increasing access to target prospects – exploiting the optimum combination of marketing tactics and channels to access prospects
  • Dealing with the lack of trust – identifying the key enablers that can build awareness and trust in new markets
  • Improving prospect engagement – ensuring that the lead generation programme is supported with the right content and tools to generate interest with the prospect
  • Building and maintaining momentum – establishing responsibilities and processes to ensure that lead generation is implemented and managed effectively.

Workshop Delivery

This workshop will be delivered by Ray Clarke and Ivor Stevenson, Shaping Business Ltd. Shaping Business is a marketing and business development consultancy, based in the UK. We have helped clients in Ireland, the UK and North America to build their sales revenues in export markets in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Our clients include manufacturers, high-technology businesses, consultancy firms, software service providers and support service businesses. We provide strategic advice, operational support and training to enable our clients to develop and implement marketing programmes that increase revenues. We have also delivered bespoke training workshops in marketing and business development for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Manufacturing Institute.

The structure and content of the workshop draws on our practical experience of planning and delivering successful lead generation programmes for businesses.

Format for Delivery

1-day interactive workshop with a mix of individual and group exercises, best practice guidelines, worksheets and tools to plan and deliver a more effective lead generation programme.

Participants will be helped to:

  • build a new target prospect list for a lead generation programme
  • develop the key enabling tools and processes for lead generation within their business
  • create a lead generation plan to action within their business
  • A two hour follow-up coaching programme will support delegates to apply the learnings from the workshop in their business, within four weeks of the workshop. Each participating company will be required to implement key actions identified within the workshop before the coaching sessions.

Delegate feedback

Previous delegates of this workshop and coaching programme rated the format, content and delivery very highly and provided the following feedback:

"The advice we received has driven us to make specific changes in our approach which has enabled us to win new business."  Commercial Manager, Meghen Group.

"The trainers have a structure and methodology to help guide you through the development of a Lead Generation plan, which I found really valuable." Commercial Director, Interaction.

"A tool presented in the workshop helped to classify leads and track progress. The fact that I put the tools into use after the workshop means I got value from this." Commercial Director, Branded Payment Solutions.

"This workshop really helped our company and moved us away from using a generic approach to all prospects, to a much more targeted approach for each of our key market segments. I would definitely recommend this workshop." Marketing Assistant, Trinity Fund Administration.

"This was a really valuable experience. The workshop helped me develop a more systematic approach by putting a good structure in place to plan lead generation that will get better results." Business Development Manager, Certification Europe.

A video of delegate feedback is available to view online.


Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at Senior Management Executives with responsibility for Marketing and Business Development, ideally two people per company should attend.

Delegates will be required to undertake preparation work in advance of the workshop. Details will be provided to delegates on registration. 

Workshop Cost

Enterprise Ireland will significantly support each participating company.  The full cost of participation on this workshop is €1,000. The cost to Enterprise Ireland’s client companies is €300.

Workshop date and venue

This workshop will be held on Thursday 25th April, 2013 at Enterprise Ireland, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3. Delegates should arrive for registration at 08:30 for an 09:00 start. The workshop is scheduled to finish at 17:00.


How do I apply?

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions prior to booking. Then click on the [Register here] button to book your place:

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For further information, please contact:

Bridgin Durnin
Event Co-ordinator

Enterprise Ireland
Tel: +353 1 7272734

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